Carely, Inc. Acquires


Carely, Inc. Acquires


Today I am pleased to announce that Carely, Inc. has acquired online caregiving site, was founded in 1996 by Denise Brown. We’re extremely thankful for her hard work, commitment, and guidance in building and growing the site to what it is today.

Our goal is to further improve these offerings to support the evolving needs of caregivers. So while the experience of the site may change over time, the information and services our community relies on will remain in one form or another. We are also excited to say that the contributors will remain involved in the ongoing development of the site. We’ve already had conversations with them, and they are excited about how we can collaborate and enhance the resources provided.

We've also been hard at work updating the branding and planning updates for our upcoming relaunch of Here's what you can expect from our new vision for

  • Cleaner navigation: Find what you need, when you need it. We're making significant enhancements to the way you find and access information and resources on the site.
  • Advanced search functionality, including provider search: Many online caregiving resources today are so driven by corporate interests that a simple inquiry turns into a barrage of sales calls and perverse incentives driven by referral fees. We believe in unconditional access to information and will be including public-facing listings for long-term care providers and professional care services. These listing will be free for providers to create and free for site users to search.
  • Resource library and expert guidance: In addition to our caregiver blogs, which will remain a feature on the new site, we are also creating a resource library where you can discover articles, videos, podcasts, and more about specific caregiving topics like end of life and personal wellness. We are committed to establishing content partnerships with leading caregiving experts and consultants to provide you with actionable guidance and advice for your most pressing caregiving challenges.

Being a loved one’s caregiver can be an emotional, confusing time, and this partnership with enables us to replace uncertainty with guidance and support. We are grateful to leading investor, Guidance Health, for their help with this merger, and I’m both thrilled and honored for this opportunity to lead Carely and at this pivotal moment for the company.

Mike Eidsaune
CEO of Carely, Inc.



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