Nikki Geib


Nikki Geib


For Brenda's debut as Caring Conversations podcast host, she is joined by Nikki Geib. Nikki is a warrior mom who is sharing her family's Down syndrome journey with our audience. Nikki inspires others by sharing her story and what she's learned along the way on her Instagram page, @makingmilliestones—where she and her daughters, Georgi and Millie, have gained quite an impressive following!

Listen as Nikki describes the confusing nature of gender/Down syndrome testing and the odd pressures of being pregnant during COVID-19. Being a parent of a child with complex needs is not easy, and it's important to have a strong support system around you. 

It was really hard to connect with her. I'm going to be completely honest with you. I almost had to force myself to drive to the hospital every day to see her because when you're not in your home with your daughter and your other daughter and your dog and your husband. It doesn't feel like home.

This season is the season of caring for children with life-altering disabilities and complex needs. They talk about unknowns, support systems, advocacy, the blessings caregiving can bring into our lives, and what this season has in store for its listeners. 

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