Photo: Robin Weeks, Certified Caregiving ConsultantI currently run a coaching and leadership development company in Virginia. I have been in this field of personal development in the workplace for 20 years working with managers and executives. I am certified in the Big Five personality profile from Paradigm Personality Labs in Charlotte, NC, and Conflict Resolution from the Roanoke Center for Conflict Resolution, Roanoke, VA. Many of my professional skills and knowledge helped me while caring for my mother.

After my father died in 2012, I began looking after my mother, eventually moving her from TN to VA when she needed more care. This journey of caregiving came unexpectedly and with no “instructions.”  I was not prepared for what was to come over the years.

My mother died in 2018 at the age of 94. That year was one of great reflection on how being my mother’s caregiver had changed me. I had no support during those years and found that many of the managers in my training classes were also caregivers with high levels of stress and many questions. I found that some of my caregiving experiences were helpful to those managers.

Caring for an elderly parent brings so many challenges. And, the balance of work and caregiving creates additional stresses. I want to support you, you do not have to do this alone! There are solutions to challenges, there is support for your stresses. I have developed some Simple Solutions to put some of your caregiving tasks on Auto-Pilot!

I focus primarily on those caring for an elderly parent. I also want to work to better educate employers to the need for support of the growing number of caregivers in their ranks.


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