A Gift from Our Certified Caregiving Consultants


A Gift from Our Certified Caregiving Consultants

gift-444519_640We're family caregivers and former family caregivers who've completed special training to best help and serve you. We can help prevent a crisis, help during a crisis and help any time you need an empathetic and caring partner.

We share what we've learned and what we know from our time in the trenches.

We're Certified Caregiving Consultants™.

We can help you find your way, find your voice, find your resources and find yourself. We understand how much can get lost during a caregiving experience.

You can hire us to provide support on an ongoing basis, once in awhile or as needed. And, from now until January 13, 2017, you receive a third session for free when you buy two sessions.

Not sure if we can help? You can schedule a complementary session with one of our Certified Caregiving Consultants. During the session, you'll better understand how a consultant can help, learn about fees and then decided if you'd like to continue. Remember, when you purchase two sessions, you get your third free. This offer expires January 13, 2017.

Contact one of these Certified Certified Caregiving Consultants™ to schedule your session:

Gael Chiarella Alba
Whether you are caring for a loved one in an emergency situation, trauma setting or supporting the slow process of aging and transition, consulting with Gael can help you.

Vivian Geary
Vivian is an expert in organization and efficiencies when it comes to caregiving.

Penny Goree
Penny helps overwhelmed family caregivers see their options clearly so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their family members. She helps family caregivers navigate the changes and obstacles they encounter when caring for their loved one.

Colleen Kavanaugh
Colleen offers proactive strategies to uplift family caregivers step-by-step to love, prepare and thrive.