Four Course Package

Our package of four courses helps you hone your coping skills. You'll find joy, learn to accept, find your wellness and set your limits. Enroll at the bottom for $40 for access to all four courses. Denise M. Brown, founder of, is your trainer in each course.

Accepting Caregiving and Finding Your Power Four-Week Class
How do you survive caregiving? A key component is acceptance. And, that's easier said than done. There's so much to accept in caregiving--how is it possible? How in the world can it really help? In this four-week class, Denise M. Brown,, helps you move to acceptance so you can find your power.

Finding Joy Four-Week Class
Caregiving feels full of so much we don't want--losses, declines, adjustments, difficult decisions--we can't believe it can continue joy. In this four-week class, Denise will help you uncover joy. Because joy exists for you every day.

Making Way for Wellness Four-Week Class
In our free webinar, Turning Take Care Upside Down, we shared a new way to look at wellness. In this four-week class, we'll delve deeper into creating your wellness plan, finding your strengths and celebrating your successes.

Setting My Limits Four-Week Class
In this four-week class, we’re helping you make your way with classes that explore the power of your limits. In Setting My Limits, you’ll gain tools to determine your limits within your day and within your role.


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