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Why people love contributing to provides valuable insights to readers about how to approach caregiving from many different angles. As a National Cancer Advocate, my work focuses on how to bring more awareness on caregiving and cancer disparities in communities of color. Being a contributor allows me to reach people across the world who have faced similar circumstances and provide encouragement and support.

Kandis Draw
Kandis Draw

The journey of a caregiver is equivalent to spiraling through the twists and turns of an enormous rollercoaster. gives caregivers the support, insights, and tools to help make that journey manageable, and they have given me the opportunity to use my experience for something grand—to assist other caregivers in their journey. Contributing to has added a depth of purpose to the journey I went through while caring for my amazing wife.

Robert Pardi
Robert Pardi

I enjoy working with the editorial team, getting feedback on what site visitors are looking for, and having people comment on and share my advice. It makes me feel like everything I’ve learned as a caregiver is going to good use and that I’m making a meaningful difference in the lives of fellow caregivers. editorial guidelines

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