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10 Reasons Why We Appreciate You Every Day

By Denise | Feb 21, 2020

On the third Friday of every month, we honor those who care on National Caregivers Day. Of course, we need to honor you every day and here’s why: 1. Your work is critical, purposeful and life-changing. What you accomplish during one day in support of others is amazing. 2. You’ve earned a PhD in your…

10 Gifts to Give Yourself

By Denise | Dec 16, 2019

As we enter the gift-giving season, why not add yourself to the gift-giving list? I’ve got 10 suggestions of gifts you can give yourself right now. 1. Trust. Trust yourself, trust your life. Most important, trust you don’t have to know all the answers to your life’s questions. 2. Let go. Release yourself from living…

A Cheat Sheet: You Burn the Thanksgiving Turkey

By Denise | Nov 26, 2019

It’s been a bad week for you and your caree and, of course, it’s also the week of Thanksgiving and your turn to host. You’ve done your best to be organized, calm and grateful. But, you’re tired. And, feeling a little like toast. Your burn-out seems to be contagious because you actually burnt the turkey.…

How to Spot a Family Caregiver

By Denise | Aug 22, 2019

But they don’t look sick” is a common comment many family caregivers hear — and it’s also one of our greatest frustrations. I often think how the family caregiver looks tells the story of caregiving much better than how the caree looks.

10 Reasons Why Caregiving Stress Is an Epidemic

By Denise | Jul 4, 2019

Physicians and health care professionals provide once-in-awhile care. We provide all-the-time care. We are the health care system.

10 Ways You Make an Amazing Difference

By Denise | Mar 18, 2019

You impact your family and your community in a way that others can’t. As you care for a family member, you leave behind meaningful footprints.

10 Wishes for You

By Denise | Dec 23, 2018

We’ve got 10 wishes for you during our season of wish lists. What would you add to our list?

10 Gifts Family Caregivers Give the World

By Denise | Nov 29, 2018

We often focus on the lists of gifts we will give or would love to receive. For this list, we’re focusing on the gifts family caregivers give to the world.

Support Small Business: The Family Caregiver

By Denise | Nov 25, 2017

Today, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we support the small businesses in our communities. “Small businesses help ensure local economies stay strong and vibrant,” says American Express which sponsors Small Business Saturday. Bakeries, boutiques and beauty salons comprise some of the small businesses in our communities. These are the business we typically look to support on…

12* Ways We Care for Ourselves During Caregiving

By Denise | Jul 21, 2017

I often write about how much I can resent the advice that “I need to take care of myself” during caregiving. (Read: When I’m Taking Care of Myself Please Don’t Tell Me to Take Care of Myself.) I recently had a conversation with a friend about self-care during caregiving. During that conversation, I explained how…

10 Reasons Why Helping a Family Caregiver Will Be the Best Thing You Do This Weekend

By Denise | Jun 9, 2016

(Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, we do our best to get as much help as possible for family caregivers, those individuals who care for a family member or friend. We hope this article encourages others to get involved. You can help, too, by sharing this article across your social networks.) This weekend, you may…

12 Reasons You Will Get Through This

By Denise | May 17, 2016

You stand in the middle of it — the chaos, the drama, the blaming, the mistakes, the declines. You’re in it so thick that you can’t seem to see five feet ahead of you. You can’t help but think, “How am I going to get through this?” You will get through this; here’s why. 1.…