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Easier way to lift ...

Easier way to lift patient onto the toliet?  


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14/05/2019 1:26 pm  

A little background..

My fiance's uncle moved in with us in November 2018. He is 74 years old, has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. I have recently become his caretaker full time. I have no previous caretaking responsibilities. The only thing he can do is feed himself, I have to do everything else including bed routines, showers, changing his clothes, brushing his teeth and changing his catheter. I use a hoyer lift to get him in and out of bed.

But I struggle with getting him on and off the toliet to his wheelchair. Our house is not handicap accessible at all. His mother passed away, we took him in so we were not prepared. 🙁 I can fit his wheelchair into the bathroom but not the lift. I struggle picking him up, pulling down his pants and putting him on the toliet. I struggle again with picking up him, pulling up his pants and putting him back in his chair. I have looked everywhere on the internet and cannot find any help. He can't hold himself up at all, I have to lift him 100%. Please, does anyone have any tips? I beg you, lol. 

Thank you so much for letting me post! 🙂

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14/05/2019 2:27 pm  

Hi Heather! I'm so glad you reached out.

Take a look at Helping Handles: https://www.helpinghandles.net

The company our Innovation Contest last year and I was part of a demonstration with the product at last year's National Caregiving Conference. You wear a harness that allows you to lift with ease. The owner lifted me from sitting position and then lowered me to standing position and I'm not light (unfortunately 🙂 ). 

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20/05/2019 9:05 am  

Hi Heather,

Thank you for asking in this forum. 
I'm a professional caregiver of 10+ years and would like to offer support to you with some practical insights that may help you in your situation. I suggest we set up a call, a video call would work best in case of demo-ing.
Please email me at saskia@creatingbeingwell.com and let me know some times that work for you, or call me to plan a call: cell 647.528.2037.

Happy to help,

Saskia Jennings



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