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Schedule any of the following one-hour planing sessions with Denise:

  • After the Diagnosis Plan: Determine your next steps after a family member's diagnosis.
  • The Care Plan: Work through your caree's current and future care needs and your plans to meet those needs.
  • The Career During Caregiving Plan: Staying engaged in your career during caregiving can feel like a daunting task. We'll talk out what you want to achieve and how you can accomplish even during your caregiving experience.
  • Celebration Plan: Create celebrations that take into account the caregiving needs while making the most of the event.
  • The Communication Plan: Decide how and when you'll communicate updates with family members, health care professionals and workplace managers.
  • The End-of-Life Plan: When your caree reaches end-of-life, we can put a plan in place to create treasured moments.
  • Love Wishes Plan: Talk out your wishes for love when caregiving or an illness change love for you and your family.
  • Make a Break Plan: Work out your plan to take time for what you need and want.
  • The Peace of Mind Plan: Your doubts and worries will keep you up at night. The opinions of others will keep you gritting your teeth. We'll determine what gives you peace of mind so that you live with minimal regrets.
  • The Rest of Life Plan: Caregiving happened. How will you and your caree move their the rest of your lives? We'll put plans in place to make the rest of life happen.
  • The Transition Plan: You and your caree will experience transitions during caregiving. We'll help you manage the changes so you both adjust.
  • The WELL Plan: Your wellness is critical for your today and your tomorrow. We'll help you find what keeps you well.

Pay what you can and want for each planning session with a suggested minimum price of $20. When you schedule your session, you'll indicate what you can so Denise can invoice you after the session. Schedule yours.

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