Caregiving Sensitivity Training for Employers and Managers


Caregiving Sensitivity Training for Employers and Managers

An employee calls from the hospital, unable to get to work because of a parent's midnight fall at home.

An employee shares an incredibly personal experience – she's caring for her mother and her brother, both of whom are dying.

An employee requests flexibility in his work schedule because his partner has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease.

Our work life now includes our life's work – caring for a family member with a chronic illness or disease or injury. As managers, how do you make room for both in the workplace? How do you find the words to console an employee in a heartbreaking and heart-wrenching experience that can last years?

Our training helps managers respond appropriately so that employees receive support at their home-away-from-home (the workplace) and so that the workplace continues.

Caregiving impacts the workplace: More than 40 million persons in the U.S. provide care to a family member; six in 10 of these individuals also work. Through our training program, managers and employers communicate effectively with their employees who care to ensure the workplace and family caregivers keep working. (A family caregiver is an individual who cares for a family member, like a spouse or parent, or a friend.)

With our three-hour training program, managers and employers gain an insight into a personal caregiving experience. Because of the insights they gain, these managers and employers can now better manage their workplace when an employee becomes a family caregiver.

The interactive training program can be delivered during one half-day session or through three, one-hour sessions. We also host the training in the Chicago area and virtually.

The training program objectives are:

  1. To educate managers and employers about a caregiving experience and the worries, concerns and stresses a working family caregiver experiences.

  2. To provide managers and employers with skills and techniques so effective communication with caregiving employees about their experiences and their work load happens.

  3. To help employers and managers become comfortable with emotional discussions with caregiving employees, who are often going through the worst experiences in their lifetime.

  4. To ensure managers and employers are prepared for the impact of caregiving experiences on their workplace so the business continues while employees manage caregiving responsibilities.


1. A Caregiving Overview

  1. Gan insight into the experience of working while caring for a family member.

  2. Understand the strategies to manage the impact of a caregiving crisis on the workplace.

2. Effective Communication

  1. Learn three key skills to use during difficult conversations with employees.

  2. Practice these skills so they can be implemented in the workplace.

3. Manage the Emotions

  1. Receive skills in order to become comfortable with employees going through a deeply emotional experience.

  2. Apply techniques learned which can be used during workplace communications.

We’ve been approved to provide 3 continuing education hours for those who attend our Caregiving Sensitivity Training in Illinois. Continuing education hours are provided by the University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine in collaboration with the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois.

The professions provided for are:

  • Acupuncturist

  • Athletic Trainer

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner®

  • Certified Senior Advisor

  • Counselor-Professional/Clinical

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Dietitian/Nutritionist

  • Marriage and Family Counselor

  • Nurse (APN, RN, LPN)

  • Nursing Home Administrator

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Physical Therapist

  • Respiratory Therapist

  • Social Worker

Denise M. Brown, Trainer
Denise M. Brown launched in 1996. was the first website to add online caregiving support groups, daily caregiving chats and blogs written by family caregivers. Through its blogs posts, podcasts and video chats, holds one of the largest online libraries of caregiving stories. Denise also hosts a Twitter chat for family caregivers (#carechat) every Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

A professionally trained coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation, Denise has more than twenty-five years of experience working with family caregivers and older adults.

In March 2011, Denise launched CareGifters, an initiative which funds caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time. Through CareGifters, Denise raises money to send money to family caregivers in need.

Denise receives invitations to participate in panels, round-table discussions and reports about issues faced by family caregivers and potential solutions that can help including:

  • Panelist: Aging in Place panel, eHI 2016 Annual Conference and Member Meeting in February 2016;

  • Round-table participant: Family Matters in Caregiving and Technology Adoption round-table discussion, part of an Aging Well

  • Expert series sponsored by Philips and Georgetown University McDonough School of Business in April 2015;

  • Panelist: Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond panelist sponsored by Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Boston in March 2015;

  • Round-table participant: Catalyzing Technology to Support Family Caregivers sponsored by National Alliance for Caregiving, California Healthcare Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Intel-GE Care Innovations and Institute for the Future in April 2014.

  • Community peer reviewer: Family Caregivers Are Wired for Health, Pew Research Center, June 2013.

Since 1999, Denise has led Lunch and Learn workshops at employers located in the Midwest on behalf of Employee Assistance Programs and Work/Life Benefit companies. Her seminars consistently rated “Excellent” or “Very Good” by attendees.

She also regularly presents at caregiving conferences and workshops, including those sponsored by Elder Services Provider (Bellingham, Wash.), National Association of Senior Move Managers Annual Conference, 2016 Caregiver Connection Annual Conference (Hartville, Ohio), Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland (Springfield, Ill.), Areawide Aging Agency (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Oklahoma Aging Advocacy Leadership Academy (OAALA) and Parkinson Center of Oregon (Portland, Ore.).

She is the author of nine books:

  • The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey;

  • Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;

  • Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope;

  • Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;

  • Take Even More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;

  • After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again;

  • Take Time, a Journal and Journey Toward Greater Happiness During an Unhappy Time (Caregiving);

  • My Caregiving Journal, My Story of How I Care;

  • Good Morning! Sunny Reflections to Start Your Day.

Her insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, US News & World Report, USA Today,, Time magazine and Chicago Tribune.

Would you like to schedule a this training? Send Denise an e-mail for availability and rates. Or, call us at 773-343-6341.

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