How Stressed Are You?


How Stressed Are You?

rock-288776_640Caring for a family member or friend is stressful.

We believe caregiving stress is an epidemic in our communities. To raise awareness of caregiving stress and to better help you, please rate your stress and indicate the source(s) of your stress in our simple caregiving stress survey.

According to, you may be stressed if you experience any of these symptoms:
Memory problems
Inability to concentrate
Poor judgment
Seeing only the negative
Anxious or racing thoughts
Constant worryingMoodiness
Irritability or short temper
Agitation, inability to relax
Feeling overwhelmed
Sense of loneliness and isolation
Depression or general unhappiness

Aches and pains
Diarrhea or constipation
Nausea, dizziness
Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
Loss of sex drive
Frequent coldsEating more or less
Sleeping too much or too little
Isolating yourself from others
Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

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The guilt and resentment are absolutely normal! The resentment is understandable because so much has changed for you and not by choice. The guilt comes in because, well, you feel guilty for the resentment when your spouse is facing health difficulties. Just coping with these emotions will wear you out.


I have several of those symptoms of stress...Now what do I do?

A lot of these symptoms apply. Though I have the underlying joy of my faith and family I don’t really have any happiness. The stress level is off the charts!


About a month ago, emergency surgery to relieve a brain bleed I had, has changed life as my hubby and I knew it before this happened .\r\n\r\nI care for my hubby who has \"Parkinsonism Plus\". I'm home now, with the goal of being able to care for my self first, while help comes in to care for hubby so I can achieve that goal. That is all easier said than done....after surgery I found myself needing a lot to heal from (drugs used, speech, throat, memory, walking...were all affected etc. ). Sure hadn't planned on all this. I thought I was invincible.\r\n\r\n\r\nThis past month has turned my hubby's world upside down.....creating more symptoms and new behaviors to address.\r\nLife won't settle down for us for a while home rehab is coming and helping us both, companion care is helping, family & friends are helping. That is all wonderful and we feel very loved and blessed. \r\n\r\nThe hard part for us both is the lack of old routines, privacy, and the new daily steam of people, answering the same questions over & over, \"fixers\" suggestions, my brain wants to remember what it knew and gets frustrated when things aren't where I remember them, then someone ask where something is I have no idea where things have been moved. \r\n My brain needs \"brain naps & brain breaks\" to heal from the surgery.\r\nI look for new opportunities. \r\nI acknowledge my progress daily.

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