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Amy Goyer


Amy Goyer is a caregiving expert and columnist at AARP. She is also the author of "Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving" and is a frequent guest on NBC’s Today Show. Amy joins How We Got Here for a conversation about the meaningful overlaps between her career and caring for numerous people in her life including her grandparents and parents. She shares how the combination of these experiences led her to her current role at AARP. She also discusses the positive impact the perception of choice can have on a caregiving experience and offers tips for having difficult conversations as a family. Amy explains the reasons caring for her parents led her to bankruptcy, despite the resources that were available to both her and her parents. Chris and Amy talk about some of the unpleasant tasks involved in caring for a loved one and how humor and laughter can be the best medicine in those situations.

Amy Goyer on financial stress and bankruptcy.

"In the last years of Dad's life, his medical expenses alone were over $10,000 a month, including more than $90,000 per year just for paid caregivers. I was also providing 60 to 80 hours of unpaid care each week unless I was out of town on business. I paid for almost everything else — the house, food, clothing, incontinence supplies, his service dog's costly medical care, and other things that enhanced Dad's life and made it easier to care for him....I did what I felt was the right thing by my family, and it led me to financial devastation."

Like so many of our nation's 53 million family caregivers, Amy faced the impossible choice between providing quality care for her loved one's and protecting her personal financial health. To learn more about Amy's financial struggles before and after caregiving, read How Years of Caregiving Led to Bankruptcy.

Have you experienced financial strain as a result of caregiving?

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