BJ Miller


BJ Miller


BJ Miller, MD is a long-time hospice and palliative medicine physician and educator. He currently sees patients and families via telehealth through Mettle Health, a company he co-founded with the aim to provide personalized, holistic consultations for any patient or caregiver who needs help navigating all the issues that come with serious illness and disability. BJ joins How We Got Here to talk about about caring for his mother, who had polio and post-polio syndrome, while he was a child and what compelled him to become a doctor. He also explains the accident at 19 years old that led to the amputation of three of his limbs and how this accident shaped his identity and helped him develop curiosity toward anything unknown. He shares insight on owning your insecurities and gives advice on getting the most out of a healthcare experience as either a patient or caregiver.

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