Brenda Blais Nesbitt


Brenda Blais Nesbitt


Brenda Blais Nesbitt is a warrior mom from her daughter, Nikki, for whom she has cared for over 28 years. She is also the founder and president of Coaching for Caregivers Canada. Brenda has been both a patient and a caregiver and joins How We Got Here to reflect on the joys and challenges of caring for a medically-complex child through adulthood all while navigating a chronic condition of her own. Brenda shares some the people and moments that contributed to her defeat—and those that made her stronger by empowering her to speak up. She also talks about what self-care looks like for her and why advocacy and self-care often happen simultaneously for 24/7 caregivers. Brenda describes the losses parents of medically-complex children mourn and other normal caregiving thoughts they experience, like guilt and the fear. She also shares her hopes for her season of the Caring Conversations podcast and how you can help a caregiver in your life.

Brenda Blais Nesbitt talks about the dentist who changed her caregiving outlook:

I did not realize how much negativity surrounded our lives until Nikki was about two-and-a-half years old. I had to take her to the dentist—yet another health professional, yet another appointment. But the experience with that dentist is one, 26 years later, I'm still talking about because it had such a profound impact on me. The way he examined Nikki blew my mind. The way he talked to her, even though she was only two and a half, and dealt with me was amazing. But after he examined her, he said to me, "She's perfect. Keep up the good work." I thought I heard him wrong, and I was stunned and I had to ask him to repeat himself. So he did. He said it again. "She's perfect. Keep up the good work."

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