Robert Pardi


Robert Pardi


Robert Pardi is a life coach and former caregiver to his wife Desiree, who was a palliative care physician. On this episode of How We Got Here, Robert describes his experiences with caregiving, including being trusted to execute his wife’s care wishes, and explains why a disease or diagnosis does not have to become your identity. He also talks about the unique nature of every caregiving experience and the importance of telling your story — while no two journeys are the same, there are pieces of every person's story that other's may benefit from. He also offers advice on how to talk to friends and family about caregiving and asking for help and reflects on the perspective to be gained from our impermanence.

Learn more about Desiree's story here: Helping Patients Face Death, She Fought to Live

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On the previous episode of How We Got Here, we spoke with Michael Hebb of the EOL Community and Death Over Dinner who detailed his experience with Alzheimer’s at a young age and the importance of having end-of-life conversations before we are forced to confront those challenges head-on. 

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