Sarah Trott


Sarah Trott


Sarah Trott is the associate producer and director of social media for Ambient Skies. She also appeared on season 25 of The Bachelor. Although she didn't find love, the platform has enabled her to connect with young women navigating similar life challenges--specifically with ALS and caregiving. Sarah joins How We Got Here to talk about her father's ALS diagnosis, self-identifying as a caregiver, and the unique decisions young people face after a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal condition. She also talks about what it was like temporarily leaving her job in broadcast journalism to help care for her father and how this experience led to the creation of her private Facebook group, Sarah's Caregiver Community. Sarah reflects on anticipatory grief and finding purpose through pain.

Join Sarah's Caregiver Community, a private Facebook group for young women who care.

May is ALS Awareness Month. Sarah is partnering with Cameo and the ALS Association to raise funds to benefit people and caregivers impacted by ALS. 

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