Shane and Hannah Burcaw


Shane and Hannah Burcaw


Shane and Hannah Burcaw are relationship vloggers on a mission to change the way society understands disability. They join How We Got Here to talk about how they met and the reasons they began documenting their interabled relationship on Youtube. Shane and Hannah define ableism and share examples they've encountered over the years. Hannah reflects on learning Shane's care when they started dating, and they discuss the interplay of caregiving and intimacy in their relationship.

Shane Burcaw on the definition of ableism:

"Generally speaking, ableism is any kind of attitude or practice that devalues or discriminates people with disabilities. You can see it very easily by taking the gander through our comments section--which I don't advise you do unless you want a reason to be angry. The root cause of both the straight-up hatred that we receive, but also the well-intentioned people that pray over me, it all comes from this root idea that my life is terrible because of my disability and that, therefore, I am not a worthy person or I'm in need of fixing or saving. That leads to all the opinions that I could never be a good husband to Hannah and...that our relationship is imbalanced."

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