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Shoshana Ungerleider


Shoshana Ungerleider, MD (Extremis, End Game) is a doctor, a film producer, and a medical expert on TV. She is also the founder of End Well, a non-profit that's influencing social change and public perception around a variety of topic areas, including the end of life. Shoshana joins How We Got Here to talk about how her experiences in medical school and early on in her medical career revealed to her the disconnect between patient wishes and the default care they receive through the end of life. She also explains how End Well got started and how their thought-provoking programming helps people initiate conversations about caregiving, grief, serious illness, death, and more with the ones they love. Shoshana reflects on her journey of becoming a film producer and shares the habits and practices that have helped her maintain her mental and physical health through the pandemic.

Check out Take 10 by End Well, a free, virtual experience featuring celebrities and everyday heroes talking about caregiving, mental health and grief.

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