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Tina Tchen


Tina Tchen is a lifelong advocate for women and girls whose credits include working for the Obama White House through both terms and serving as the President and CEO of TIME’S UP Now and the TIME’S UP Foundation. Tina joins How We Got Here to discuss what's in the Biden Administration's Build Back Better plan and why now is a critical time to share our caregiving stories. Tina also shares the personal and professional experiences that ignited her passion for gender equality and caregiver advocacy. She defines some of the common terminology and acronyms surrounding caregiving policy and summarizes the trends happening with women in the workplace and caregiving as the pandemic began that led to the creation of the TIME'S UP Care Economy Business Council. Tina explains why investing in caregiving makes good economic sense and how a national paid leave policy and wage protections for professional caregivers could transform the way we think about and support the care industry.

Tina Tchen explains why the present is an historic moment for caregiver support:

Caregiving is often the unseen, right? It's an unspoken part of our lives.

This idea that caregiving is a profession is new. Caregiving is an activity we need to invest in and we need to invest in caregivers, whether they're paid or unpaid. We need to create those connections for them, which is why all the work that the #CareCantWait coalition and Caring Across Generations has been doing is critical.

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