Lead a Care and Share


Lead a Care and Share

Care and Share™ is a moveable caregiving support group that meets those who care where they are and moves them to a better place. With Care and Share™, we meet family caregivers where they are in your personal caregiving experience and in their available personal space.

We know the challenges of trying to attend a support group in your community. We also know how valuable it can be to connect with others who understand.

So, we go to them.

Why add Care and Share™ to your business?

  • It's a simple solution to a common caregiving problem.

  • It keeps you connected to family caregivers.

  • It's an easy way for family caregivers and former family caregivers to experience your wisdom.

  • It's a great way for you to learn about potential clients so that when they become clients you hit the ground running. You won't waste time learning their story.

  • It's an awesome way to get the word out about your CCC Calling Card.

  • It's a great marketing tool for your exhibits and awareness events. Invite immediate sign-ups to visitors to your exhibit table.

  • It can be a content creation tool for you. When your meeting ends, invite Care and Share™ attendees to join you in a Facebook Live broadcast, a pop-up podcast and/or a photo. Use Anchor for a pop-up podcast.

When you lead a Care and Share™, your goal is to create a caring, supportive environment. When you do that, business will follow. Connecting with your attendees in a powerful, meaningful way is the best way for them to decide to work with you again.

Any Certified Caregiving Consultant™ can host a Care and Share™. Here's what you need:

  • A flyer to announce your Care and Share™ offering. Send the flyer details to Denise if you want to be listed on our Care and Share™ directory on Caregiving.com.

  • A calendar system for attendees to book a Care and Share™. You can offer Care and Share™ in person or virtually.

  • A goodie bag to give attendees that includes resources and your calling card. The calling card is pre-loaded with 30 minutes for each attendee. Include a flyer about additional offerings, like workshops and packages, your attendees may want to join. You also can include a NCC19 Flyer.

  • A Caregiving Wheel to spark the conversation. Use whichever wheel you really love. You also can purchase a Wheel Spinner on Amazon.

  • A price per person if your group would like to continue.

  • A price per minute if attendees would like to add more minutes to their calling card. Be prepared to show them how to use an app, like Venmo, to pay you.

  • If the group wants a way to stay connected, offer to create a group on Caregiving.com for them.

When you lead a Care and Share™, you'll want to have your attendees complete a pre- and post-meeting evaluation. Data from these surveys will help us get grants to support your work.

  • For your in-person meetings, ask attendees to complete the two-sided evaluation. Attendees complete the first side before your meeting and the second side after the meeting.

  • For your virtual meetings, ask attendees to:

    • Complete the pre-meeting evaluation before you begin your meeting. When your attendees join you in your Zoom meeting, send the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/cnspre) through the chat room and ask attendees to complete before you begin the meeting.

    • Complete the post-meeting evaluation after the meeting but before they leave the Zoom meeting. Again, send the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/cnspost) through the chat room and ask attendees to complete before leaving you.

For your calling cards:

  • Create an easy way for attendees to buy more minutes. Apps like Venmo or Cash make it easy to send money to you.

  • Use a time tracker app to manage how many minutes your clients use. Send weekly updates to let them know how many minutes they have left.

You'll find templates for marketing material in our shared CCC folder in canva. Marketing material you can customize includes he following flyers and postcard:

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