NCC17 Conference Recordings


NCC17 Conference Recordings

Our panel discussion on advocacy.


That's how a conference attendee described the sessions at the Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.

"This was a great conference," said another attendee. "Thank you all so much for sharing."

We're bringing these conference sessions to you when you purchase one of our conference recording packages. In addition, we can provide continuing education units for:

  • Professional coaches;

  • Certified Senior Advisors®;

  • Certified Dementia Practitioners;


Whether you purchase our recordings to train your staff, to share with your support group, to better understand your experiences, or to learn how to effectively engage family caregivers, our recordings will provide the insights, information, and inspirations you need.

Benefit from a year’s worth of valuable educational sessions when you purchase a complete package of our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference session recordings. All recorded sessions are offered as Video MP4 and Audio MP3 files. The video files include complete PowerPoints synced to audio, exactly as they happen in the room.

Purchase your recording package at the bottom of this page. Prefer to pay over the phone? Call 773-343-6341.

Conference volunteers Jenn Chan and Susan Scatchell.

You'll want to take advantage of our package of session recordings if:

  • you work with family caregivers and former family caregivers and want to deepen your understanding of the experience;

  • you want to create a product or service that will help family caregivers and former family caregivers;

  • you are interested in the caregiving marketplace and want to learn more;

  • you moderate a support group and want to share educational material;

  • you want to gain insights and knowledge from others who currently care or previously cared for a family member.

With our packages, you'll receive more than 50 session recordings and more than 40 hours of presentations. With our recordings, you'll benefit from the finest collection of presenters in the industry.

Each package also includes an archive of our two-day virtual broadcast. (Teepa Snow's workshop is not included in any of our packages.)

Elizabeth Miller from getting ready for her presentation.

With three complete recording package options to consider, choose the package that best fits your learning style and budget! All complete packages give you online access to a dedicated website with your own custom dashboard. The USB Works Package adds a USB flash drive to your online access, with all the files pre-loaded and a user-friendly menu for easy navigating and playing. The USB drive also includes all available handout PDF files.

  • 6-Month Fast Pass Streaming Only Access: $199

  • 12-Month Season Pass Streaming + Download Offline Access: $249

  • USB Works Package Season Pass + All Files Delivered on USB Flash Drive: $299

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Purchase your recording package at the bottom of this page. Prefer to pay over the phone? Call 773-343-6341.

Are you a professional coach, CSA, CDP or SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM in need or CEUs? Purchase your NCC17 recordings package to earn CEUs.

Use our app to enjoy the presentation handouts. In the app stores, please search for cgevents and download. Once you download the app, you will see the 2017 Conference; click that event and press download.

You'll receive access to our recordings and virtual archive within 48 hours of placing your order. Look for an email from our vendor, PlaybackNOW, with details on how to access your recordings and archive. Buy your recordings package by January 1 and save $100 when you use coupon code CAREGIVING at check-out.

When you purchase one of our conference recording packages, you'll receive the following recorded sessions:

Caregiving and the Workplace Summit

  • Caregiving and Employment: The Experience and Best Practices of Caregivers Who Work with Matt Beecher

  • Coping While Caregiving, the Family Caregiver Perspective
    Panelists will share their perspectives on juggling responsibilities, coping with difficult emotions at work and keeping their career moving forward.

  • Making it Work: How Family Caregivers and Employers Can Be the Solution Panel Discussion
    What can we do as family caregivers to make our experience easier? How can employers make our experience better? Panelists will discuss ideas and possibilities of what could be if we work together.

Caregiving and our Houses of Worship

  • How Family Caregivers Bring Caregiving Solutions to their Houses of Worship

  • How Houses of Worship Respond to Caregiving Needs

Health Care System Track

  • A Caregivers Voice with Gael Chiarella Alba

  • The Caregiver’s Guide to Surviving Hospital Stays with Terry Prince

  • Making Empowering Care Choices with Long Term Care with Lee Moriarty and Priya Soni

  • Improving Care with Patient Family Advisory Councils with Heather Slutzky

  • Managing Family Dynamics with Denise M. Brown

  • Clinical Trials Panel with Elizabeth Mascherino, Advisor, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company (moderator), Leigh Anne Naas, Community Manager, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company, Erin Moore, Consultant, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company, Steve Satek, President / Co-Founder, Great Lakes Clinical Trials and Nick Cozzi, Clinical Study Liaison, Investigator Support Services

Practical Track (Included in our virtual broadcast archive.)

  • Technology Panel with Claudia Cook, Carl Hirschman, Andrew Koch and Jackie Schwabe

  • Judgment-Based Decision Making for Caregivers with Tyler Ludlow and Liz Mascherino

  • Caregiving 101: Boldly Surviving with Carolyn Grant, Andrew Koch, Lisa Riggi

  • Health & Wellness for a Vibrant Life in a Tiny Home with Carol Papini

  • Hands On Caregiving with Pastor Bruce Hanson and Penny Patnaude

  • Challenges, Changes, and Choices: Caregiving for People with Movement Disorders, a panel discussion of family caregivers with Diane Breslow

  • Getting Real: The Low Down on Depression and What You can Do with Deb Kelsey-Davis, Warren Hebert and April Koontz

Coping Track

  • You Are Here: Facing the Future by Defining the Present with Beth Scibienski

  • Masterminds: The Power of Peer Support with Lorna Scott

  • Finding Your Own Path through Grief and Loss: Strategies to Boldly Cope throughout your Caregiving Journey with Carolyn Grant

  • Keep YOU in the Circle of Care with Gael Chiarella Alba

  • Feel your Fear and Do It Anyway! Shirley Riga

  • Restore Joy in the midst of grief and loss with Joy Lucinda

Dementia Care Track

  • World Changer Memory Engagement Interactions with Marti Hannon

  • Innovative Approaches to Activating and Engaging Family Caregivers in Dementia Care Management Panel Discussion

  • Handling the Challenges of Frontotemporal Degeneration, A Panel Discussion with Sharon Hall

Family Track

  • How Family Caregiving Affects a Marriage: Tips for Bold Couples with Frank and Lisa Riggi

  • Legal Issues that Can Affect Even Uncompensated Family Caregivers with Barry Kozak

  • Preparation for a Death Vigil with Leslie Cottrell Simonds

  • Let’s Kill Caregiving Stress with Denise M. Brown

Family Track 2

  • Planning for Caregiving: Having Those Difficult Conversations with Jodi Hempel and Debbie Howard

  • Men who Care Panel Discussion with Christopher-Charles Chaney

  • Be Bold With Your Time with Elizabeth Miller

  • Millennial Caregiving Adventures with Grandma with Rachel Hiles

  • Finding Humor and Grace in the Caregiver Sandwich with Breeda Miller

  • It’s More Than “Just” Parenting – It’s Caregiving with Lisa Riggi, Michele Rosner and Jackie Schwabe

  • Book it! How to Self-Publish your Caregiving Story! with Christopher-Charles Chaney

Preparation, Frustration and Surrender. Boldness Throughout Caregiving, Keynote Session with Cathy Sikorski (Included in our virtual broadcast archive.)

Family Caregiver Track

  • The Power to Persevere with Bruce McIntyre

  • Boldly Overcoming Loneliness during Caregiving Panel Discussion

  • A Life Interrupted: Picking Up the Pieces Panel Discussion (Included in our virtual broadcast archive.)

  • Loud and Proud: The Bold Battle Cry of an Advocating Family Caregiver (Included in our virtual broadcast archive.)

Former Family Caregiver Track

  • Finding Your SELF After Caregiving with Lorna Scott

  • Relaunching: Picking Up the Pieces when Caregiving is Done with Debbie Howard

  • Your After Life / Bolder Than Before: How Death Taught Me To Live (Panel with Colleen Kavanaugh, moderator)­

  • Bold Steps to overcome Loneliness After Loss Panel Discussion

Professional Track

  • Be Loud & Proud about Your Caregiving Business with Elizabeth Miller

  • Working with Wellness: The Caregiving Years with Andrew­ Koch

  • The Family Caregiver Connection: Supporting Essential Care Partners as Patients Transition to Home with Cathy Crookston, Geri Baumblatt, MaryAnne Sterling and Danny van Leeuwen

  • Insights from the Trenches: How to Work Well with Family Caregivers



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