Throughout the month of August, we'll introduce you to the Third Annual National Caregiving Conference (NCC18) presenters and panelists. Check back regularly to see our updated list of presenters, below.

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Randa Abdelrahim

Join Randa to gain an understand of the experience of immigrant who area also family caregivers. Randa helps her mom care for her grandmother.

Meet Randa.


Bobbi Carducci

During her session, Bobbi, who cared for her father-in-law, will remind us, "You do not have to get it right every time in order to be doing it well."

Meet Bobbi.


Tandy Elisala

Join Tandy, who cared for her parents, to become an empowered family caregiver and to reclaim your life after caregiving ends.

Meet Tandy.


Jolyon Hallows

Jolyon, who cared for his wife, will help us harness our negative emotions. He'll also share tips and insights to help those new to a caregiving role.

Meet Jolyon.

Photo: Andrew Koch, Certified Caregiving Consultant and counselor

Andrew Koch

Andrew has been caregiving professionally for seven years and cares for two of his uncles and one of his grandmas long-distance from Boulder.

Meet Andrew.


Heather Oglesby

Heather, who cares for her mom, will show us how to keep personal goals, dreams and desires that are independent of the caregiver role.

Meet Heather.


Gael Chiarella Alba

Gael, who cared for her parents and son, helps us take a moment, take a breath, take your time. You represent stability in the hub of care.

Meet Gael.


Saran Craig

Saran, who helped care for her grandfather, will share stories that highlight our best selves while caring for a family member with dementia.

Meet Saran.


Toni Gitles

Toni, who cared for her mom, will help us build a foundation for finding happiness and joy to become the best version of ourselves after caregiving ends.

Meet Toni.


Sharon Hall

Join Sharon, who cares for her husband and her mom, will educates us how to get the right dementia diagnosis and how to emotionally survive a family members' dementia diagnosis.

Meet Sharon.


Karen Laing

In the mess of a difficult day we all can find ourselves feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. Karen will help us map our way back to a place where we can rest and restore.

Meet Karen.


Shirley Riga

Join Shirley, who cared for her daughter, to face your fears and to gain strategies to cope with the holiday.

Meet Shirley.


Vicki Salemi

Vicki, who cares for her mom, will provide nuts and bolts strategies to handle work while you’re immersed in caregiving.

Meet Vicki.


Shawn Bennis

Shawn has been coordinator of the Henry Ford C.A.R.E. (Caregiver Assistance Resources and Education) Program since it began in 2015.

Meet Shawn.


Patrick Egan

Patrick, who cares for his parents, will introduce the idea of digital assets and how to manage them in a way that adds usefulness and fun.

Meet Patrick.


Amy Goyer

Amy cared for her grandparents, parents and sister. She'll join us to share her insights on workplace solutions, caring for more than one, championing caregiving causes and how AARP helps us prepare to care.

Meet Amy.


Barbara Ivey

Barbara, who helped her dad care for her mom, will help us use curiosity and learning as evidence that we are doing a good job caregiving.

Meet Barbara.

Eliz headshot brick

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth will share how her siblings share the care for their mother and how she manages the additional responsibility of a side hustle.

Meet Elizabeth.


Dr. Monika Robinson

Dr. Robinson will share new ideas to help take care of everyone, including the caregiver in order to live full and satisfying lives at home.

Meet Dr. Robinson.