NCC18 Presenter: Florrie Munat


NCC18 Presenter: Florrie Munat

Join Florrie for the following session during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE: The Potential for Transformation in Caregiving on Friday, Nov. 9, at 3 p.m.
This presentation will focus on the positive transformations that are occurring during your caregiving experience. It will help you acknowledge and focus on the changes happening in your life and suggest ways to orchestrate them.

Florrie Munat—who was her husband’s caregiver for six years after he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia—initially felt overwhelmed by the emotions and demands of caregiving. As time passed however, she gradually became aware that her life was changing in subtle ways that were enabling her to move from fear to bravery, from avoidance to acceptance, and from feeling overwhelmed to feeling at peace.

In her presentation, Florrie will discuss practical ways to aid your transformation as a caregiver, such as acknowledging what can be salvaged from your previous life—and what must be relinquished. And how to take care of yourself—even when you feel lost and confused. Though a slow process, transformation for caregivers is not only possible, but it also can change the primary emotion in life from self-destructive despair to compassionate acceptance. When you become more aware of this possibility, you become more engaged with your loved one—making your caregiving a win-win situation.

There will be time for discussion and Q & A after the presentation.
Attendees will reflect on how their caregiving experience has changed them in positive ways. We get so bogged down in demands and details of caregiving, we don't often think about the positive transformations occurring in our lives. It also helps to think about the gifts that our loved ones are giving us -- because caregiving is always, always reciprocal. ~ Florrie

In 2003, Florrie's husband Chuck suffered a debilitating stroke, after which he inexpicably regressed physically and cognitively until he was barely able to care for himself. After six weeks of rehab, Chuck came home. But his needs were greater than Florrie could handle by herself, so regretfully she had him admitted to a skilled nursing facility. Two months later, Chuck was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. Florrie spent the next six years visiting him at the nursing home while taking an active role in his caregiving. Chuck died in 2009 from complications of Lewy body dementia.
Florrie spent the next few years writing her memoir, Be Brave: A Wife’s Journey Through Caregiving, which won the 2018 Pinnacle Award for Memoir and was selected as a Top Indie Books of 2017 by Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus's reviewer called Be Brave, “a beautiful, richly panoramic book that should reassure caregivers and delight memoir readers.”
Florrie lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington. She currently records audiobooks for the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, leads a book group, and serves on her church’s pastoral care ministry team. She is writing a young adult novel set in New Zealand and a memoir about grieving.

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