NCC18 Presenters: Judith Biggus, RN


NCC18 Presenters: Judith Biggus, RN

Join Judith for her session during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Co-creating a Better Work/Life for Family Caregivers & Employers Panel & Lab, part of the Caregiving and the Workplace Summit on Friday, Nov. 9, at 10 a.m.
This interactive 2 hour session would include 1 hour panel session (this may be 2 panels with nurses and one with managers and hospital execs, or one mine panel) followed by a 1 hour interactive lab for all attendees. Before the summit, we’ll survey nurses and hospitals about the challenges nurses as family caregivers are presenting.

Nurses are the quintessential caregivers. Looking at them as a case study and the challenges this creates for the hospitals and health systems that employ them. What can we learn and extend out to other working caregivers and employers?

Nurses are often the first ones in their families look to and call on, because of their comfort and experience with caregiving and the health system. But nurses still find family caregiving and working extremely challenging. They may not be trained in the specific condition or issues their family member has. They also find it’s shocking how hard it is to be on the other side of the bed and try to navigate the health system dauntingThe emotional interactions with the career and other family members are much more personal and salient, the family may heap all the responsibility on them, they often have to take extended FMLA, which strains hospitals and can take a toll on their co-workers or create strained working relationships. They can experience challenges with re-entry after caregiving ends and they may be back to work in the ICU or a setting that is reminiscent of recent loss or trauma in their family. As driven caregivers, they also may neglect their own health, nutrition, and well being.

We'll bring together nurses, nurse managers, and hospital and healthcare employers of nurses to look at all sides caregiving presents to all the stakeholders. Then we'll discuss how these challenges resonate for all working caregivers.

Participatory Lab
Everyone in the room will become part of a smaller working group. A facilitator will utilize the information from the pre-summit surveys and initial panels to discuss various challenges and opportunities to address challenges for working family caregivers and employers. Is there anything an employer or manager you work with is currently doing that is alleviating caregiver stress or thrash, improving empathy and awareness, access to resources, or creating redundancy in the workplace? How might we consider caregiving as an opportunity to improve work for everyone?
Attendees will understand the impact of family caregiving on all workplace stakeholders as an opportunity for individual, team and organizational improvement.

Judith works at Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) Northwestern Medicine, where she’s been a practicing Operating Room nurse since 1983. She started as a staff nurse, became a Charge Nurse, and eventually became the Nurse Manager of a Same Day Surgery Unit. During that time, her husband became very ill and she took temporary leave for 6 weeks, then stepped down from her position and worked part time for 3 years while he was ill. After a second leave she returned full time and resumed her manager position for another 10 years. She’s also gone on several trips to Bolivia to assist with surgery. Judy continues to work part-time today because she loves what she does. Through the years she’s cared for many family members and friends who have passed away including: her husband, mother, 2 aunts, 2 sisters and a dear friend. She currently cares for her 95-year-old dad. Many challenges present themselves during those times and a support network is vital. The recognition from friends, co-workers and managers can make a world of difference in the outcome for the caregivers.

To learn more about Caregiving and the Workplace Summit, watch our video discussion, which aired as part for our Virtual Caregiving Summit in May.

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