NCC18 Presenter: Lena Salonikas


NCC18 Presenter: Lena Salonikas

Join Lena for the following sessions during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Self-Care When You’ve Lost Yourself on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 10 a.m.
I can’t get out of the house! There’s no one to help! I don’t remember the last time I showered!

Have you heard yourself say these or other worse things to yourself? Have you secretly wished there were some time in the day for you? Have you forgotten how to take care of yourself because your caree needs all that you have to give? Have you lost yourself in the day to day?

Self-care can be a big scary idea when you’re immersed in the care of someone that depends on you. What if the truth though was that the better you care for yourself, the better you can care for your caree? And what if self-care didn’t have to be some elaborate plan or expensive time away?

In this presentation you’ll:
• Learn how small acts of self-care often result in more calm and peace in your life
• Understand the connection between being your best self and giving the best care
• Receive a list of simple self-care practices
• Discover what’s your self-care style
• Unearth and key little things you can do daily to take care of yourself

Our Best Self: Diversity, Social Justice, and Family Caregiving on Friday, Nov. 9, at 4 p.m.
What is privilege? What is equality? How does gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and ability influence caregiving? Join us in the privilege walk, followed by a panel discussion with Lena and her co-presenters, Casandra Porter and Andrew Koch, about diversity, advocacy, and social justice for family caregivers.

It took 30 years for Lena to realize she was always a family caregiver. Her father passed when she was just fifteen. She and her brothers cared for their mother since. At the age of forty-three Lena quit her job to devote time to her mother’s cancer treatment. Armed with years of experience as a corporate trainer, life coach, and spiritual mentor, she knew it would be tough but figured she could handle it. Little did Lena know it would turn into a full time job for the next four years. More so, it was a full time job that required her to dig deep into what it meant to be her best.

As journey’s end neared, where there was once yelling, frustration, and tears, Lena was able to take care of herself and her mother, joyfully and calmly, and to forgive any missteps from anyone along the way.

Eager to get back to her career helping others achieve their best, Lena got thrown another curveball. The plan was in place, but grief has no plan. Now a Godspeed Caregiver, she’s learning how to be gentle with herself and take down time even when she doesn’t realize she needs it. Reintegrating into life without a caree has a whole new set of expectations. She's quickly learning, and teaching, that it is more about allowing the process and moving forward one step at a time, with deep self-love.

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