NCC18 Presenter: Dr. Monika Robinson


NCC18 Presenter: Dr. Monika Robinson

Join Dr. Robinson for the following session during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

My Aching & Tired Body: Taking Care of the Caregiver Using Practical & Research Proven Techniques to Ease the Care on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 9 a.m.
Looking out for the caregivers is overlooked by caregivers themselves and others providing services for their loved ones. This presentation provides realistic and research proven tips to help caregivers take care of themselves. Whether it’s navigating the healthcare system during health crises, after hospital discharges, or dealing with the regular, challenging daily routines and social isolation at home, practical options due exist. Audience members will walk away with new ideas to help take care of everyone, including the caregiver in order to live full and satisfying lives at home.
Finding one's best during the worst is supported when we are able to engage with the person who we care for through meaningful experiences. It needs to be one that has meaning for both people. In order to determine this, one has to start with themselves: If you are able to be conscious about what has meaning for you in your daily routine, what gives purpose to what you do in that role, and what is it that creates who you are outside of that role as a person who provides care? Re-visiting what activities, habits, and routines that you did before that help gave you a sense of fulfillment, motivation and self-efficacy and results in our best, needs to be incorporated and modified throughout our daily life. Relating those ideas to what could be encompassed in your role, the activities and the routines you assume as a caregiver changes your perspective because you can appreciate the meaningfulness and purpose to what happens. It helps to apply these same questions and ideas to the person who you are caring for to create mutually meaningful experiences that help bring out the best in not just you, but the people who you interact with daily. ~ Dr. Robinson

Dr. Robinson has 30 years of experience providing customized care for a variety of age groups and their caregivers throughout nearly all care settings. She is passionate about people being able to participate in those things that are most important to them, including their caregivers -- whether it's helping come up with strategies to live at home, caring for a loved one, or advocating for access to services in order to live a full and meaningful life. She is currently an assistant professor for a Masters & Doctorate Occupational Therapy Program in the College of Health Sciences at Midwestern University and holds professional licenses in four states as an occupational therapist. She has lectured locally and nationally on topics of community based practices, treatment methods, and healthcare approaches. Her research focuses on the home environment, including caregivers in the home.

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