NCC18 Presenter: Toni Gitles


NCC18 Presenter: Toni Gitles

Join Toni for the following session during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 2 p.m.
This interactive presentation will help you explore the path to living your best life after caregiving ends. For Toni, this meant finding peace of mind, purpose and enjoying a new found energy for living life to the fullest. An only child, Toni was 67 years old when her mom passed away in Feb, 2017, just 3 months short of her 100th birthday. Caregiving for 14 years left her with health issues, exhaustion, a lackluster attitude, and lack of purpose. Using the same tools that helped Toni launch herself on a new and exciting journey, she will guide you to explore your passion, purpose and legacy. Treasuring the past, recalculating your current needs, and getting in touch with your heart’s desire will give you a foundation for finding happiness and joy to become the best version of yourself after caregiving ends.

As a loving caregiver to her mother for 14 years, Toni understands the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of the caregiver’s journey. Toni’s mother passed away in February 2017, just short of her 100th birthday. Toni started Heart Light Enterprises, LLC to help family caregivers overcome the stress and negativity of caregiving to find meaning and resilience in this life changing journey.

With over 40 years in the healthcare industry, Toni Gitles is both a Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and Certified Caregiving Educator™, in addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Audiology. A member of several professional speaker organizations, Toni is also an author, dynamic speaker and well recognized Distinguished Toastmaster. As a former instructor for Baylor College of Medicine, Toni has extensive experience working with physicians and patients in hospital and crisis environments.

Toni believes in helping caregivers manage their overwhelm and find meaning through their caregiving journey. She understands that caregiving is an emotional experience with a steep learning curve. As a caregiver herself, she felt all the range of emotions from extreme joy and happiness to severe fatigue and stress. With compassionate guidance, she helps family caregivers more joyfully manage their responsibilities through education, planning, and organization. Her clients become more confident in their decision-making, learn effective communication techniques and successful coping strategies.

Toni provides customized support to all her clients as an advocate, mentor and empowering consultant through phone and in-person consultations. Based in Orlando, Florida, Toni works with clients who are family caregivers through 30-minute phone calls which can be scheduled weekly or as needed. Toni provides ustomized support to all her clients as an advocate, mentor and empowering consultant.

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