NCC18 Presenter: Wendy Anderson


NCC18 Presenter: Wendy Anderson

Join Wendy for her presentation during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Learning to Redefine Normal and Loving Life on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 9 a.m.
Normal is traditionally defined by the expectations of others. However, most “others” don’t understand the intricacies of a special needs family. Through her relatable, vibrant, and inspiring presentation, Wendy encourages families to redefine normal with these truths:

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable—that’s where growth happens

  • Define what normal looks like for your family and situation—break free of external expectation, you know your family best

  • Claim your power to make decisions and choices that support you and your family—it’s your life, make choices that work for you

  • Adjust your expectations to fit your child and situation—understand that adjusting doesn’t mean lowering your standards.

Wendy encourages participants to love and embrace their situation and teaches them how to find balance in their lives using some essential, and easily learned skills. She will help you to identify and call in the best team to support your family (this includes educators and medical professionals)—you aren’t meant to do this alone. You will be able to deflect unsolicited advice knowing others mean well but don’t understand your situation—we can choose love, even when we may be angry. Learn simple ways to move from overwhelmed to grateful and through it all, learn to love your life by defining what normal is for you and your family.

Although Wendy is an accomplished author, speaker, coach, and mentor, she is a wife and mother first. Having a special needs child taught Wendy the critical importance of setting up her world to fit the current expectations of her own family over those delivered by the expectations of others.

For most of us, life doesn’t go as we planned. It didn’t for Wendy and her husband. In less than 36 hours, their seemingly normal life was turned upside down when their oldest son was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), epilepsy and four years later autism. When it happened, she and her husband chose to rise in love. They agreed to redefine normal with three broad actions—Loving, Embracing, and Redefining Normal Life. Wendy’s experience created a deep desire to redefine what normal looks like in her own life, and instilled in her a passion to help others Redefine Normal for themselves.

Wendy is passionate about spreading her message and encouraging families to break free of external expectations and instead find the balance in life. Having three children of her own, one with special needs and constantly redefining what normal looks like in her own family, Wendy has found the real meaning of how a child with special needs can teach you how to live life on your terms and not be trapped by what the world is expecting of you. As the creator of “Real Families Redefining Normal,” she is transforming the way families approach what normal means to them and creating their life, their way.

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