NCC18 Conference Recordings


NCC18 Conference Recordings

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Panelist from the Advocacy session.

Attendees to our Third Annual National Caregiving called our conference a hit:

This was a phenomenal conference! All of the speakers were informative and engaged. I learned a lot and connected with many wonderful caregivers.

The sessions were helpful and I will be sharing a lot of good stuff with the care partners I help.

Very informative and inspiring. I learned a great deal.

We're bringing these conference sessions to you when you purchase one of our conference recording packages. In addition, we can provide continuing education units for:

  • Professional coaches;
  • Certified Senior Advisors®;
  • Certified Dementia Practitioners;

Whether you purchase our recordings to train your staff, to share with your support group, to better understand your experiences, or to learn how to effectively engage family caregivers, our recordings will provide the insights, information, and inspirations you need.

Panelists from the Male Perspective session.

Benefit from a year’s worth of valuable educational sessions when you purchase a complete package of our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference session recordings. All recorded sessions are offered as Video MP4 and Audio MP3 files. The video files include complete PowerPoints synced to audio, exactly as they happen in the room.

Purchase your recording package at the bottom of this page. Prefer to pay over the phone? Call 773-343-6341.

You'll want to take advantage of our package of session recordings if:

  • you work with family caregivers and former family caregivers and want to deepen your understanding of the experience;
  • you want to create a product or service that will help family caregivers and former family caregivers;
  • you are interested in the caregiving marketplace and want to learn more;
  • you moderate a support group and want to share educational material;
  • you want to gain insights and knowledge from others who currently care or previously cared for a family member.

With our packages, you'll receive more than 70 session recordings and more than 40 hours of presentations. With our recordings, you'll benefit from the finest collection of presenters in the industry.

Each package also includes an archive of our two-day virtual broadcast.

With three complete recording package options to consider, choose the package that best fits your learning style and budget! All complete packages give you online access to a dedicated website with your own custom dashboard. The USB Works Package adds a USB flash drive to your online access, with all the files pre-loaded and a user-friendly menu for easy navigating and playing. The USB drive also includes all available handout PDF files.

  • 6-Month Fast Pass Streaming Only Access: $199
  • 12-Month Season Pass Streaming + Download Offline Access: $249
  • USB Works Package Season Pass + All Files Delivered on USB Flash Drive: $299

Purchase your recording package at the bottom of this page. Prefer to pay over the phone? Call 773-343-6341.

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Use our app to enjoy the presentation handouts. To download, go to the Apple store or to the apps section of Google Play. Enter caregiving (just caregiving) for your search term. Scroll down to CareGiving Events by Core-apps and then download. (Look for an orange graphic with hands.) Click on Upcoming Events and the 2018 National Conference. (You can view last year’s app, if you’d like, too.)

You'll receive access to our recordings and virtual archive within 48 hours of placing your order. Look for an email from our vendor, PlaybackNOW, with details on how to access your recordings and archive.

Buy Your NCC18 Session Recordings Buy Your Virtual CEUs

When you purchase one of our conference recording packages, you'll receive the following recorded sessions:

Caregiving and the Workplace Summit
When Employees Become the Solution Panel Discussion
Co-creating a Better Work/Life for Family Caregivers & Employers: A Participatory Lab

Communication Track
Good Communication: How to Best Express Yourself
Planning for Caregiving: Making Those Difficult Conversations Work for YOU!
Needing Others; Finding God
Advance Care Planning
If You Ask the Right Questions!

Practical Track
Managing Digital Overwhelm – “From Exhaustion to Exhilaration: Becoming Your Best with Technology that Cares”
Visioning Caregiving Solutions
Protecting Family with Powers of Attorney
The Enemy of Independence
Four Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge
Protecting Carees from ScamsTrack: Culture and Diversity
Diversity Competency for Caregivers
Diversity & Culture in Caregiving
Our Best Self: Diversity, Social Justice, and Family Caregiving
Family Caregivers Experiences: The Multicultural Perspective

Dementia Care Track
Dementia Caregivers Need HELP!
#ICHOOSETHRIVING – Redefining Caregiver Wellness
Emotionally Surviving Dementia Caregiving
Personalized Music: A Powerful Form of Therapy for Persons with Dementia
What Sabina Taught Me, Meatballs and All
Dementia Care: I Wasn’t Trained for This!
Bringing Oral Care to Dementia Care
Alzheimer’s Caregiving in the Digital AgeFamily Track
Can This Marriage Be Saved???
Simple Steps: Yoga for Caregivers
Sharing the Care – How one Family Has Approached Caregiving
Harnessing Negative Emotions
Welcome to Your New Life: The Potential for Transformation
Caring for Mommy with Ben Carter
Loving-Kindness: A Practical Guide to Self-Care During The Caregiving Years

Coping Track
The Labyrinth, Holding You with Love
Creating Personal Resilience
Finding Our Best During the Days That Feel the Worst: Diagnosis Day, Hospital Admission, End of Life Panel Discussion
The Path to Your Best Self is Through Your Darkest Self
Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway
Resting in Chaos Stephanie Antoine
5 Ways to Be An Empowered Caregiver with Tandy Elisala
Coping with the holidays as a caregiver
Our Best Self: Self-Care Now, Not Later!
Reading the Room and Yourself
Meditations with Sarah Griebler
Self- Care for Caregivers, Top- Down, Bottom- Up, and Sideways
Hospice Care – It’s About How You LIVE!
The Path to the Diagnosis Panel Discussion

Coping Track
How to Help your Loved One in the Hospital: You Can Make a Difference
When the Care Plan Becomes an End-of-Life Plan
Updates in Geriatrics to Help Caregivers Advocate for their Loved Ones
Long Distance Caregiving: Strategies for Success, Whether You Live Three States Away, or Even as Far Away as Japan!

General Track
How to Navigate Work While You’re Caregiving with Vicki Salemi
Caregivers – The New Agents of Change
Finding Peace at the End
Prepare to Care: A Train the Trainer to Help You Use Free AARP Resource
How Caregiving Inspired My Career Panel Discussion
Redefining Caregiving: Thriving Beyond the Wounds of War
Caring for More than One Panel Discussion
I Didn’t Think I Could but I Did Panel Discussion
The Transformative Power of Caregiving
The Male Perspective Panel Discussion
What’s Right? What’s Wrong? How to Make a Decision With Joy Loverde
Turning the Struggle into the Purpose: Finding Meaning Through Caregiving Panel Discussion
Coaches Corner: Five essential strategies that build endurance, joy and rejuvenation with Saran Craig
The Future of Caregiving
Love, Loss and the Journey to Lasting Peace: Finding Your Best Self During and After Caregiving Panel Discussion

Family Caregiver Track
My Aching & Tired Body: Taking Care of the Caregiver Using Practical & Research Proven Techniques to Ease the Care
Learning to Redefine Normal and Loving Life
Self-Care for Parents & Caregivers – Tools for Making SHIFT HAPPEN
Finding My Best Self During Caregiving Panel Discussion
Mindfulness and Caregiving: Facing What Is
How to Champion a Caregiving Cause Panel Discussion

Beginning and Former Family Caregiver Track
What Do I Do Now? – Rebuilding Your Life and Relationships
5 Ways to Reclaim Your Life After Caregiving Ends
Advice for the New Caregiver
Becoming the Best Version of Yourself with Toni Gitles
There May be a Book in You: Writing about Your Caregiving Experience as a Way of Healing

Professional Track
Strategic Networking
Starting or Running a Side Hustle While Working and/or Caregiving
The Role of Family of Choice in Caregiving and Care Planning
Owning a Small Business and Your Caregiving Experience Panel Discussion

Buy Your NCC18 Session Recordings Buy Your Virtual CEUs

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