Family Caregiver of the Year Award Nominee: Dawn Maxwell


Family Caregiver of the Year Award Nominee: Dawn Maxwell

Nominated by: Cindy Wiley

Tell us about the nominee's caregiving story.
When her aunt fell down the stairs 2 years ago and became debilitated, Dawn stepped in when others didn't and has helped her Aunt to this day. She assists with ADL prepared meals, takes care of her prescriptions while caring for her grandchildren and herself.

She was laid off from work but hasn't stopped her commitment to volunteering in the community to feed the hungry, as well as her aunt. Sometimes her days are difficult as her aunt is 85 and is back up caregiver for me, her mother, when a crisis arises with my health.

She deserves this award as she so much appreciated for all she does, her commitment and caring.

How does the nominee complement his or her caregiving responsibilities with their own needs and interests?
She has always cared for others and now that it is a family member it only makes her journey more important and relative to who she has become.

Tell us about the nominee's problem-solving techniques.
She will research medications, and other areas relative to what's she's doing, discuss with other family members best ways to address caring for her aunt and myself when I need her. She truly is committed.

How does the nominee use online resources or community services?
She will contact any community resource to assist her aunt, any online resources as needed, and provides that information to her church.

How does the nominee remain involved in his or her community (including online)?

Volunteering in the community for a special cause, diabetes walk, heart disease, and others.

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