Family Caregiver of the Year Award Nominee: Peter Rosenberger


Family Caregiver of the Year Award Nominee: Peter Rosenberger

Nominated by: Becca Beverstein

Tell us about the nominee's caregiving story.
Peter Rosenberger fell in love with Gracie in college and married her. She had previously endured a horrific car accident (the early 1980s), but he did not know the extent of the damage. No one did. He has walked beside Gracie through thick and thin, which has involved 80+ surgeries including the amputation of both legs. He has learned to be Mr. Mom, cook, maid, encourager - while taking care of himself so he can truly be supportive as a caregiver. His experience being a caregiver for 35 years is his expertise. His latest book is 7 Caregiver Land Mines.

How does the nominee complement his or her caregiving responsibilities with their own needs and interests?
He enjoys cooking, playing the piano (and playing accompaniment for his wife, a beautiful soloist), working his radio program, finding humor and the good wherever he goes. He regularly attends a support group and has earned a black belt in Hapkido.

Tell us about the nominee's problem-solving techniques.
He has his own radio program detailing his techniques. His nationally syndicated program tells it all! He has learned how to deal head-on with stressors, rolling with the punches. He looks at life with a very practical lense, recognizing what he can and cannot do, control, and change. For example, he chooses to recognize the little things he can do at the time, such as a simple task of cleaning in the house. He encourages himself in that he is not at fault for his wife's medical and physical predicament and that he can still have enjoyments even if she is not able to join him, and he works diligently to foster healthy-thinking.

How does the nominee use online resources or community services?
"Peter (with his wife) has a prosthetic limb ministry "named" Standing With Hope. They regularly work with Ghana Health Service in the Republic of Ghana. Recruiting volunteer U.S. prosthetists and gathering and purchasing supplies, the ministry trains and equips local workers to help build quality prosthetic limbs for their own people. It is a huge undertaking. They have even partnered with CoreCivic's detention facility in Nashville, TN (Peter's hometown) so that inmates volunteer to disassemble donated and discarded prosthetic limbs, in order to recycle the usable parts for additional service.

Peter's websites:,
His articles on caregiving have been featured in major online publications, such as"

How does the nominee remain involved in his or her community (including online)?
He is a church pianist and remains involved in his church as an impactful leader. His radio program does very well in his community and is also broadcasted throughout the nation.

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