Meet our Caregiving Visionary Award Nominees


Meet our Caregiving Visionary Award Nominees


Voting has opened for our Caregiving Visionary Award, honoring individuals who act as a beacon of hope for family caregivers or former family caregivers. This year, we're proud to showcase 21 nominees, which you can meet below.

Please vote for the individual you believe best meets the following criteria:

1. The nominee must currently care or previously cared for a family member.

2. The nominee developed and implemented an innovative way to support family caregivers or former family caregivers.

3. The nominee provides support for family caregivers or former family caregivers in a way that makes the caregiving experience better and easier.

4. The nominee inspires others to make a difference.

Voting ends at Midnight ET on February 25. We'll announce the 10 nominees who receive the most votes on February 26; those 10 nominees will advance to our finals. From those 10 semi-finalists, we'll choose five award recipients and announce the five winners on March 1.

The five winners will be featured on and on Your Caregiving Journey podcast as well as receive a free registration to our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference which happens November 7-10 at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare. We’ll honor the recipients during lunch on November 9. (Winners will pay for their hotel stay and travel to Chicago.)

Meet our nominees, below, and then cast your vote for your favorite.

Our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference is possible because of the generous support of our Supporting Sponsor:

Ann Agueli

Ann Agueli

Meet Ann.

Cast Your Vote chris_damen

Chris Damon

Meet Chris.

Cast Your Vote Julie_Fleming

Julie Fleming

Meet Julie.

Cast Your Vote Renee_King

Renee King

Meet Renee.

Cast Your Vote karen_Stobbe-Carter

Karen Stobbe-Carter

Meet Karen.

Cast Your Vote JoeVosters

Joe Vosters

Meet Joe.

Cast Your Vote gayle_alston1

Gayle Alston

Meet Gayle.

Cast Your Vote mike_eidsaune

Mike Eidsaune

Meet Mike.

Cast Your Vote Amy Goyer

Amy Goyer

Meet Amy.

Cast Your Vote ElizabethMiller

Elizabeth Miller

Meet Elizabeth.

Cast Your Vote louisa_stringer

Louisa Stringer

Meet Louisa.

Cast Your Vote flowers-997581_640

Congrats to All

Congrats to all our nominees!

And, thanks to all who vote!

Naomi Bourgeois

Naomi Bourgeois

Meet Naomi.

Cast Your Vote jennifer_fink

Jennifer Fink

Meet Jennifer.

Cast Your Vote monika_gross

Monika Gross

Meet Monika.

Cast Your Vote Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore

Meet Shawn.


Cynthia Thompson

Meet Cynthia.

Cast Your Vote Marcia Burr

Marcia Burr

Meet Marcia.

Cast Your Vote lynn_friss_feinberg

Lynn Friss Feinberg

Meet Lynn.

Cast Your Vote debbiehoward5604print23

Debbie Howard

Meet Debbie.

Cast Your Vote donna_odonnell_figurski

Donna O'Donnell Figurski

Meet Donna.

Cast Your Vote pam_van_ahn

Pam Van Ahn

Meet Pam.

Cast Your Vote

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