Vote for Your Favorite Caregiving Innovation


Vote for Your Favorite Caregiving Innovation

Update: We had a tie so we have four winners:

  • Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

  • AgileCare Solutions

  • Su Lambert

  • Life Solutions

The winners have received an email from me with next steps. Thanks to all who entered!

As part of our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference, we’re co-hosting the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Technology and Product Pitch Event. Our contest began with our call for caregiving innovators to share a product, service, device or technology which can solve one of these three pressing problems family caregivers face:

  1. loneliness;

  2. financial strain;

  3. worries about a caree’s safety and well-being, including a way to track a caree’s daily condition.

We’re now ready to vote! You’ll want to choose your favorite product, service, device or idea from our entries. Watch the videos, below, and then cast your vote in our poll at the bottom of this page. Remember, you’re voting for your top choice which solves a family caregiver’s loneliness or financial strain or worries about a caree’s safety and well-being. You can only vote once for your top choice.

Voting ends at Midnight (Eastern time) on Friday, September 13.

The three entries that receive the most votes will receive a free exhibit table at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference. We’ll vote for our favorite of the three finalists on November 8 and 9 during our conference; the winner will receive a one-minute commercial during our conference’s live broadcast and will be featured on and on Your Caregiving Journey, our Internet talk show. (Already have a product or service that helps or support family caregivers? Join us as an exhibitor or sponsor at NCC19.)

1. AgileCare Solutions
The AgileCare Platform addressees all three of the common challenges of caregiving in one way or another. The AgileCare is an all-in-one resource for families and caregivers.

1. alleviate a family caregiver’s loneliness - Through the AgileCare Communities portion of the application. The communities give caregivers that opportunity to communicate and collaborate with others going through similar challenges.
2. alleviate a family caregiver’s financial strain - Through the AgileCare insights, family caregivers are able to give their loved one a higher level of care in the moment. Because of this, they can help keep their loved one in their own home and out of the hospital. Our platform can also connect them with other resources that can help them reduce the financial burdeon that results from caring for a loved one.
3. alleviate the worries about a caree’s safety and well-being, including a way to track a caree’s daily condition - With the AgileCare Care Feed and Care Log, staying in touch and up to date with a loved ones care is now a breeze for family members and care teams. At AgileCare, we rebuilt a social media style feed revolving around the client where care teams can post pictures, status updates, moments and memories. Additionally, we use icons to spell out mood, symptoms, vitals, physical and mental activity in order to consistently monitor changes in condition over time no matter the caregivers medical background or when the last time they were with their loved one!

AgileCare’s software works on desktop and mobile, and has features like:

• Task and Wellness Tracking – to quickly schedule visits, tasks, take notes, and record wellness metrics, so you can track and analyze them easily.
• Care Log – to view daily tasks and wellness info, using recognizable icons. Forget about using paper, or trying to interpret difficult handwriting!
• Care Dashboard – a visual overview of how your loved one is doing each day. You can monitor trends in their vital signs, liquid intake, medications, and activities of daily living… and it’s simple to navigate
• Family Room – to interact with the entire care team, in one central place. Delegate tasks, post status updates, images, video, and important milestones, so everyone’s on the same page. Give families the reassurance that their loved one is getting the care that they need when they are not there so that they never have to worry about what’s happening
• Insights – care suggestions that are updated dynamically, based on your loved one’s condition, schedule, and current progress. It’s like having a personalized knowledge base at your fingertips.
• Notifications – so you’re alerted in realtime (via text or email) about care activities, mood changes, or any incidents. No matter where you are, you’ll always be in the know.
• Communities– Loneliness is never a problem with AgileCare Communities

Clinical research has shown that family caregiver engagement:
• Lowers at-home care costs
• Lowers hospital readmission rates (up to 25%)
• Increases adherence to treatment
• Increases attendance at follow up appointments (up to 5X)
• Improves patient safety and satisfaction

2. Caregiver Smart Solutions
My father is 73 years old. He has always been very active, we do a lot of camping, we have worked together and even built a house. In 2016 he had cancer, He beat it … and then it came back… He is ok BUT I am more stressed and concerned than ever for his well-being, you see I am his caregiver.

Did you know 1 in 3 people that are in the workforce are stressed out just like me. Being a caregiver is stressful, time consuming, and isolating from family and friends, it also takes a toll on our health. We all worry about our loved ones who are living alone, especially if they don’t live nearby.

I mean how do we know? are they’re okay? Did they get up? Are they eating? Are they moving around or just sitting in front of the TV all day? … And then there is the dreaded fall.

Cameras are intrusive and they are not wearing their pendants. There must be a better way for our peace of mind…

My name is Ryan Herd I am the founder of caregiver Smart Solutions.
Your loved ones behavior is an indicator of their health.

Our solution is comprised of tiny, non-intrusive sensors that are placed discreetly around their home. These sensors monitor our loved ones activities and feed information to our app providing insights using real-time data.

Another words you are tracking your loved ones habits and anything outside of that could be an issue like they usually get up at 6am and now its 8 am, or they go the bathroom 2x overnight and for the last 3 nights they have been going 4x is that something you want to know... Yes.

In the seconds it takes to open the app, you know that your loved one is eating, sleeping normally, and moving around. But, it also gives you insights for early detection of problems. You can confirm if there are changes in their sleeping and eating patterns, visits to the bathroom or change in activity level.

The sensors also provide reliable fall detection this reduces the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall, even if your loved one is incapable to call for help.

Best of all we don’t require your loved one to wear anything or change their habits.

Has anybody tried to change the habit of an 80 Year Old ???? yea not going to happen.

My father loves his independence he is definitely not one for an assisted living facility. His friends are close, he loves his town, and he gets to see the grandkids.

As a matter of fact 90% of people 65+ want to stay in their homes

Did you know Revenue for the in-home eldercare is $100b and is expected to rise 35% year over year. That's the greatest increase in eldercare EVER.

We have concentrated on partnering with organizations like United Way, the Veterans administration, and Habitat for Humanity to pilot or product as well as raising awareness in the New York tri state area.

We have been approached by and are working with In-Home providers, assisted living communities, Rehab centers, and insurance companies.

Our work within the elder care community is raising awareness. We are utilizing various strategies targeting aging adults while using digital and social campaigns to attract the 45-65 year old caregivers this including the sandwich generation.

Let's face it healthcare in America is not going to get smaller or better any time soon. The trend is going to be providing Continuing Care Services at home.

Everyone has someone they love and care about and you want to make sure they are ok. With your help we can give more people Peace-of-mind as our loved ones age in place.

Together we can care for our loved ones!

3. Su Lambert
Over 15 years ago I discovered a wonderful tool called EFT Tapping and it has changed my life. While it's not a new innovation, I have found that there are only a few tapping videos online dedicated to caregivers, and those that are out there are "general". While loneliness isn't unique just to caregivers, the REASONS that caregivers are experiencing loneliness ARE (examples: not available, so friends no longer even bother to call with invitations; or 95% of one's time is spent with a 90-year-old when they are only 50 leaving that 50-year-old caregiver longing for companionship with others their own age). Because caregiving is my life too, I am able to customize the Tapping sequences resulting in more profound emotional relief.

As a health and life coach specifically to family caregivers, it is my mission (and obligation!) to share the immediate healing benefits of this Tapping tool with our community. In just a few minutes of Tapping on 9 meridian endpoints on the hands and upper body, while focusing on the negative emotion of loneliness, we calm the body's nervous system, restore the body's balance of energy and then rewire the brain to respond to feelings of loneliness in healthier ways. The result: we can feel better NOW and potentially eliminate/reduce the effect of those feelings of loneliness in the future!

4. Life Solutions
As a caregiver for my mom, I realized how difficult it was to achieve bed changes without making it hard on her and hard on my back as well. Sooooo, I had a vision for ChuckMates and made it happen.

I would love to see this product out in the caregiving community much more than it is. My mom is now in a residential care home where they use it in all 5 homes, and the caregivers love it and thank me all the time.

I appreciate the opportunity to show you my product.

Thank you!

5. Marrelli and Associates, Inc.
"A Guide for Caregiving: What's Next? Planning for Safety, Quality, and Compassionate Care for Your Loved One and Yourself" book and the related e-Caregiving, a web-based solution for family and friend caregivers provides ready answers to these important health care team members 24 hours a day and in an understandable manner. e-Caregiving ( is sponsored by health care organizations, such as hospitals, faith-based organizations, municipalities, and others seeking to improve health and health care in a community. This Guide, which has won numerous awards and accolades, is available in a soft-cover handbook as well as in an e-book. In this way, these innovative products help the caregiver and caree by alleviating worries about safety, quality, and wellbeing.

6. Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
Published by Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, an award-winning, not-for-profit organization focused on helping enrich the lives of older adults and their families, Caregiver’s Best Friend is a blog that provides caregivers with real, practical advice on how to save time, spend money wisely, and stay sane using technology already available to them.

Through weekly posts, we introduce technology that saves time, energy and effort and makes caregivers’ lives just a little bit easier. We take deep dives into technologies like Shipt, Takl, DoorDash, Uber, Dropbox, Meetup, Ring, Livpact, Alexa and more - from a caregiving point of view.

We use the tech ourselves and share our experiences so readers can learn how to use it themselves to automate grocery shopping and other everyday chores as well as to alleviate loneliness, reduce financial strain, and worry a little bit less about their loved one’s safety and wellbeing.

Our contributors are caregivers, tech enthusiasts, writers, moms, dads, daughters, sons, and professionals all dedicated to making the caregiving journey not only less stressful, but actually enjoyable. If through technology a caregiver can spend less time on chores, errands and other caregiving tasks, they’ll have more quality time available to be with their loved ones and enjoy the time they have together.

Because we are dedicated to providing fair and impartial information, we do not create any sponsored content nor do we sell the data we collect or run advertisements on our site. Currently, Caregiver’s Best Friend is free to use, however, because a blog costs money to run we do ask for donations.

Regarding donations, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan did receive a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund ( to support Caregiver’s Best Friend, however, unlike investors like venture capitalists or private equity firms, they do not have any ownership stake in it nor will they receive any financial returns from it, whether short-term or long-term. They simply made a donation to support the blog via a grant.

Should this render us ineligible for the competition, we still hope you will visit our blog and enjoy the video. Since we are just getting started, we would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

We know that Caregiver’s Best Friend isn’t the “be all, end all” of caregiving. We also know, however, that for a good many caregivers, it may be just what they are looking for.

7. Cassandra Wolff LLC
When caregivers experience loneliness and isolation, we start to see the early manifestations of chronic disease through depression, anxiety, stress and unhealthy eating. Care workers across the world are experiencing alarming rates of chronic disease and early mortality. If caregivers had access to powerful, proven wellness techniques, they could address their lonliness and isolation before it creates imbalance in the body and mind.

I believe that meditation is an invaluable resource for caregivers to step into their wholeness and cultivate long-term vitality and well-being. My wellness course, 21 Days of Clean Eating is a resource for caregivers to learn how to integrate healthy eating and meditaition into their daily life.

I stepped into the role of caring for the caregiver after 15 years of caring for quadriplegics. I was well on my way to chronic disease manifestation before I realized that meditation and a healthy diet were the keys to helping me experience the rewards of helping others.

Caregivers are not just a workforce, they are the lifeforce of our long-term healthcare system. It is time that caregivers are exposed to the scientifically proven benefits of meditation to bring their bodies and mind to states of wellness and vitality.

It is my mission to equip caregivers with the self-care tools that they need to thrive in the midst of the demanding role of caregiver.

Thank you kindly for all that you do for us!

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