Connecting to a community that cares is one of the benefits of joining us in Chicago for our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference from November 7-10.

We understand, though, that joining us in Chicago just may not be possible.

We’d still love for you to connect to a community that cares — by forming a NCC19 Viewing Party to watch the virtual broadcast of our National Caregiving Conference in the comfort of your home or office. We’ll broadcast our General Sessions on November 8 and 9 for free.

When you and at least one colleague or friend or co-worker gather to watch our conference, you’ve created a community and a Viewing Party. When you form a NCC19 Viewing Party, you’ll also be entered into a chance to win our Viewing Party Gift Package which includes:

For a chance to win, register your viewing party, below. You’ll receive the link to watch the broadcast on November 5. In preparation for your Viewing Party, please check out our NCC19 Agenda.

During our live broadcast of our National Caregiving Conference, post a photo of your viewing party using the hashtag #NCC19watch on November 8 and/or 9. We’ll choose a winner from those who post on social media with our hashtag #NCC19watch. Your Viewing Party can gather to watch the conference on November 8 and/or November 9.

We’re so glad you’ll join us virtually!

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