NCC19 Presenter: Carolyn Grant

Rachel Hiles

NCC19 Presenter: Carolyn Grant

Rachel Hiles
Photo: Carolyn Grant, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterAfter caregiving ended, Carolyn started Family Care Transitions, LLC as a consulting business to apply her family caregiving experience, CCC and Grief Recovery Method skills to help family caregivers. Carolyn’s authenticity and strengths-based approach creates an immediate sense of rapport and trust with her clients. Carolyn was a sandwich generation family caregiver for over 10 years while she cared for multiple family members.

Carolyn’s clients benefit from her unique background in Human Resources and Training, family caregiving and the skills that she conscientiously developed to best guide or advise her clients. Carolyn has a broad spectrum of clients that include family caregivers, former family caregivers and others in life transitions, career coaching and corporate clients. Carolyn listens, educates, guides, collaborates and provides support for whatever her client needs, including how to have those difficult conversations.

Join Carolyn for her presentation at the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

How to Use Your Unique Gifts In Times of Crisis
Saturday 9 a.m.
What is your difference? What sets you apart from others and makes you special? Your own unique, natural qualities that you bring to everything that you do. Those things that you do so well naturally that you may even take them for granted and barely recognize them as a talent. Who we are naturally is the key to how we successfully manage as a family caregiver. It is you at your best. Your natural gifts are how you rise up to meet the daily challenges, it’s how you process new information and respond to a diagnosis, it’s the schedule that you created to manage pill dosages and doctor’s appointments or the binder system that you created to hold all of your caree’s paperwork. Through presentation and discussion, we will identify clues to help you gain insight into your natural gifts and talents. We will talk about these clues to your talents so that you will hopefully realize that the beauty of your uniqueness is how you manage in times of crisis. It is exactly your uniqueness, your gifts that give you the ability to create those tools, see what needs to be done and instinctively know how to do it.

The goal of this presentation is for participants to increase their self-awareness, to develop a lasting curiosity to look for signs of their talents in action and to begin to appreciate how they apply their gifts to manage a crisis.

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