NCC19 Presenter: Gael Chiarella Alba


NCC19 Presenter: Gael Chiarella Alba

Photo: Gael Chiarella Alba, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterGael Alba helps those who care for others care for themselves. As a multi-disciplined holistic therapist, she is now an after-caregiver having had experience with institutional family care through her son’s recuperation from a traumatic brain injury after a skiing accident. She then managed elder care and family dynamics starting first with one parent, and then the other as they entered the long, slow process of eldercare and hospice. As a CCC, Gael combines her training in Leadership Development with her knowledge of selfcare serving as The Yogi Caregiver through her books, audio programs and podcast.

Join Gael for her presentation and panel discussions at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Session #1

Panel Discussion: Being the Wind Beneath Your Wings
Friday 3 p.m.
This panel will ease into a conversation about fostering capability at all stages of life during care, and the amazing difference you make. We will use the imagery of a bird representing the expectation of care (an egg breaking open at birth), and the teaching of independent life skills (a bird about to step off a ledge), and inclusion (a bird flying with others) as a bird recognizing their life is "well lived" in a reflective pose. The panel discussion will describe what it means to us to look at both sides now, given that it is likely our Caree once cared for us. Inviting questions from the audience as we focus on these 5 points:

  1. What does it mean to be "the wind"?

  2. How does that relate to the person you are caring for having once been the wind for you or others?

  3. What is good partnering?

  4. How do we serve without "fixing?"

  5. Fostering capability at all stages of life during care.

Session #2

Ease and The Resilient Caregiver
Saturday 3 p.m.
We all have tips and tricks that keep us going as caregivers to make our amazing difference felt in the lives of those we care for. When you dig deeply into your successful moments though, you will find that first and foremost among them is the presence of resilience. This can bring much needed ease, and often an unexpected joy in the process. Knowing how to cultivate resilience is a vital way to avoid burnout and to create long-term caregiving success.

Why Resilience?

Resilience (or resiliency) is a person’s ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Resilient people don’t wallow or dwell on failures; they acknowledge the situation, learn from both the gifts and the mistakes, and then move forward. With resilience, we surpass our own limitations—even under the most challenging circumstances. Caregivers seem to be torchbearers in this domain. As individuals, resiliency is present in our ability to overcome challenges of all kinds—trauma, tragedy, personal crises, daily life problems—and bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful.

Our presentation will highlight what resilience actually is, and how you can cultivate more of it, offering step-by-step ways you can make it a habit. The ability to manage resiliently while helping others (and ourselves) shows caregivers as the leaders we are. And we as caregivers, are in fact, leaders in our own right—it just has to be recognized and practiced.

We will also discuss what some expected outcomes are, and explore the unexpected. As we pull examples from participant stories, and share some of our own, participants will learn a set of principles surrounding family caregiving which include keeping the caregiver in the center of the circle of care. Resilient strategies that make care less daunting and more fulfilling for a caregiver will be demonstrated, and ways of finding ease will be explored. Resilient skills can be used in the everyday flows of caregiving as well as in the midst of very difficult care or even crisis moments.

With guided questions and journaling pages made available to the attendees, participants will be guided to examine their own ideas about burnout, resilient family care, and activate their own plan if they need see themselves becoming worn down.

Attendees will leave the session having strategies to re-find joy and cultivate resilient habits in their own lives going forward.

Session #3

Yoga for YOU
Sunday 9 a.m.
This morning offering gives you a personal space for caregiver respite right on site. (We will not be recording these sessions.) Experience simple techniques you can do in regular clothing right from your chair, or on a yoga mat if you have one. We will focus on shoulders, neck, back and posture as we support relaxation and deep breathing. Whether you need a quiet space for selfcare at the conference, or you are looking to take mindfullness skills home with you, this workshop will offer you both. Come as you are.

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