NCC19 Presenter: Judith S Rocha

Rachel Hiles

NCC19 Presenter: Judith S Rocha

Rachel Hiles
Photo: Judith S Rocha, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterJudith Susan Rocha is a licensed clinical social worker and recently graduated with her Ph.D. degree. Her personal experience of caring for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 13 years ago served as the inspiration and motivation to develop an 8-wk program for Latina family caregivers that focuses on their own health and wellbeing. The program Caring of Caregivers Organically (CoCO) is named in honor of her mother Socorro. In the Spanish language those named Socorro are also called Coco as a term of endearment. When she decided on this work she knew that her mother had to be acknowledged given the unique journey and growth they both have faced not only as a result of this disease but also the profound love that has been uncovered in the process.

Judith is currently the primary caregiver for her mother and receives support from her older sister and a paid caregiver most consistently. Other family and friends have provided occasional support as she is a full time assistant professor at Northeastern Illinois University and the time commitment many times goes beyond a regular 9-5 office hour schedule. Dr. Rocha is active in the aging sector through other projects that include art workshops for Latina/o elders in the city of Chicago as well as partaking in a collaboration focused on the disparity the Latino community faces with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

Join Judith for her presentation at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Caring of Caregivers Organically (CoCO): Health education for Latinas caring for a family member with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia
Friday 3 p.m.
This presentation is to share information about a program developed by a Latina family caregiver that has provided care for her mother for the past 13 years. In the process, the caregiver realized the toll on a caregiver's health and wellbeing this experience creates and felt committed to trying to help others involved in similar journeys. CoCO is an 8-wk program for Latina family caregivers that focuses on their own health and wellbeing. The program just completed a pilot run and was well received by the 9 women that were a part of the group sessions. The groups were in Spanish and facilitated by two Latina family caregivers called Companion Caregivers (Acompañantes in Spanish) who were trained in the material so that peer education and shared lived experiences would enhance the connection between the participants and Companion Caregivers. The testimonials from the participants were reassuring that this program did something important.

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