NCC19 Presenter: Margaret Fitzpatrick

Rachel Hiles

NCC19 Presenter: Margaret Fitzpatrick

Rachel Hiles
Photo: Margaret Fitzpatrick, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterAs the youngest of her parents' 16 children, and the only one who went into the healthcare profession, Margaret Fitzpatrick was the natural choice to be a caregiver to both of her parents as they aged into their 90's.

Additionally, Margaret is the healthcare POA for several of her siblings who are dealing with health challenges (end-stage Multiple Sclerosis, complications from alcoholism and heart disease).

Margaret has been a critical care nurse for over a decade and a nurse anesthetist with her Master's degree in anesthesia for ten years. She is a leader in the movement to help patients and families to set individual healthcare goals that reflect their values for the last chapter of their lives. She is dedicated to helping people make better decisions, have less stress and to prevent suffering for themselves and for the loved ones for whom they are caring.

Join Margaret for her presentations at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Session #1

Get Your Healthcare POA Done Today and What Problems Can Come from a Financial POA
Friday 2 p.m.
Do you have a POA for Yourself? You will get one today at this presentation, put yourself in the shoes of your loved one and understand the emotional issues that arrise when creating a POA-while you create a more secure future for your own healthcare.
In this seminar, attendees will have the opportunity to create their own healthcare power of attorney that is valid in each state in this country. Oftentimes, we are so busy caring for others that we neglect our own important affairs. During this seminar, caregivers will have the chance to create their own POA and will receive the necessary information to do it at home with their loved ones.

The second part of the presentation involves financial POA. Most family caregivers have heard of the importance of having a healthcare power of attorney and a financial power of attorney but many are unaware of the problems that can arise. We will discuss how just having a financial POA may not be effective to be able to access their loved one's assets. Attendees will receive information on how to strengthen their ability to handle a loved one's finances.

Session #2

How to Help Your Loved One to Navigate the Healthcare System and Make Better Decisions, Have Less Stress and Prevent Suffering
Saturday 11 a.m.
Helping someone with healthcare choices can be a stressful and confusing responsibility. Often people of advanced age feel they have been riding a healthcare conveyor belt: going from one doctor to another, and enduring repeated hospitalizations. This presentation encourages caregivers to develop individual healthcare goals that reflect their loved one's values. Having individual goals is the way to stay off of the conveyor belt.

Using actual patient stories, combined with her experiences as a family caregiver Margaret will guide you to having more confidence while dealing with doctors, nurses and others. She has helped countless patients and their family members to take back the reigns of their healthcare and to get more from less.

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