NCC19 Presenter: Mark Servais

Rachel Hiles

NCC19 Presenter: Mark Servais

Rachel Hiles
Photo: Mark Servais, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterMark Servais’ professional life has been about creating technical solutions for companies around content, branding, and marketing efforts. As a technology leader and a 5-time Sitecore Technical MVP, Mark has created solutions that fit customer needs and abilities. He current works for Humana providing guidance and expertise with the content managment platform.

Mark’s non-professional life consists of being a full-time co-caregiver to his son with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. For the past 16 years, Mark and his family have learned to adapt and find ways to solve challenges as Mark's son's condition has progressed.

Mark’s technical background along with his caregiver role has spawned effective solutions to challenges with daily activities using elements of home automation with his family needs to help assist in those daily activities of care giving activities.

Join Mark for his presentation at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Home Automation To Assist The Family Caregiver
Friday 9:30 a.m.
Family caregivers, as we know, are some of the most time consumed people on the planet. With advances in home automation technology, caregivers now have options for assistance with daily activities.

I will share how we currently are using this technology in our home and from that we will discuss what home automation looks like and really consists of, how to sort through all the information available to you, understanding how elements can assist the family caregiver aligning with their technical savvyness, and demonstrate common care giving scenarios and how technology may be applied to assist.

At the conclusion you will be able to gain the information and understand the potential options to integrate home automation into your existing care plan.

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