NCC19 Presenter: Shawn Moore

Rachel Hiles

NCC19 Presenter: Shawn Moore

Rachel Hiles
Photo: Shawn Moore, 2019 National Caregiving Conference Presenter and Caregiving Visionary Award WinnerShawn is the caregiver of her husband who is a 100% disabled, 23-year Army veteran. She has cared for him since 2013 when he was medically retired. Shawn recently resigned from a 14-year career as a police officer in Kansas City, MO. She saved her husband's life when he attempted suicide in August of 2017. Shawn has earned her Bachelor degree in Social Psychology and is working on her Master’s degree in social work. Her internship is at the Center for Trauma Informed Innovation at Truman Behavioral Health in Kansas City where she has learned the skills necessary to affect change in a caregiver's life. In 2017 she founded Caregivers on the Homefront and is currently the Executive Director. She is a certified Peer Mentor and Facilitator with the Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network. She is also a Peer Mentor with the VA Caregiver Program. Shawn is huge advocate for all caregivers and openly shares her story with the community. She believes that when we can share our stories of resiliency, we can change someones life trajectory. She is the 2017 Elizabeth Dole Caregiver Fellow for Missouri. Shawn has 4 daughters, 2 step-sons, and four grandchildren. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Join Shawn for her sessions at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Session #1

Visioning Caregiving Solutions
Friday 4 p.m.
Our Caregiving Visionary Award winners share their views on how we can better serve and support family caregivers. This year's winners are Naomi Bourgeois, Mike Eidsaune, Julie Fleming, Monika Gross and Shawn Moore.

Session #2

Compassion Without Fatigue: Mindfulness, Boundaries, and the Practice of Empathy
Saturday 10 a.m.

Participants will gain a conceptual framework for:

  • the differences between secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout

  • ways we develop secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout—and how to recover

  • the relationship between mindfulness, boundaries, empathy, and resilience

Participants will walk away with protective strategies:

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Tools to reinforce intra-personal boundaries

  • Rapid Resets to use when triggered in the moment

  • Practicing empathy as a skill (vs. feeling) to protect your emotional reserves

  • Rituals of Release for personal vitality

Within this workshop I will share my story of how I got through the most trying time of my caregiving journey, they day my husband attempted suicide. By utilizing the tools as well as leaning in to my caregiver tribe, I have persevered and other caregivers can too!


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