NCC19 Presenter: Ted Gillespie


NCC19 Presenter: Ted Gillespie

Photo: Ted Gillespie, 2019 National Caregiving Conference PresenterTed Gillespie is an artist and Caregiving Consultant in the St Louis area. Ted has over a decade experience in Memory Care, Hospice and Private Duty. His specialty is in working with families that are living with dementia, working with their doctors, family members and supplying resources. Ted has been on the Alzheimer’s Association Community Educator speaker’s bureau for the past 3 years. Ted is a Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP, and Certified Alzheimer’s Caregiver CAC and VDT Facilitator.

Ted has had the great opportunity to care for many people from the on-set of the disease to end of life over the past 12 years.

Join Ted for his presentation at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

Session #1

The Art of Being Fully Present
Thursday 3 p.m.
How aware would you say you are, of yourself, the people in your life, your surroundings?

If you’re like most people at any given time you tend to be highly focused on a few things (or people) screaming for your attention while the rest of the world around you is left to fend for itself until they too require your attention.

Most of us are simply far too busy getting on with the daily requirements of building a life to spend much time thinking about our level of awareness.

The problem is we not only miss out on some of the best things in life when we live in a state of limited awareness, but we also risk missing important signals that indicate we may be heading for trouble ahead.

So what does all this have to do with caregiving? I believe the most valuable gift we can give anyone is to be fully present. What would it look like if you could put all your thoughts, concerns and worries on a shelf and be able to see, feel and experience the true essence of caregiving. When you are fully present there is a peace and calmness that takes over not only you, but the room and your Caree.

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