Speakers Resource Page


Speakers Resource Page

Thank you so much for being a part of our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference! We are thrilled you will join us to share your story, your perspectives, your wisdom and your support.

Our Speakers Resource Page includes information you'll need to have a successful experience. We'll be adding and updating our page regularly. We'll also send regular emails to give you a heads-up about new or changing information.

For any questions, please reach out to Deeann Harper, Denise's assistant: deeann@caregiving.com.

Conference Details

  • Earn money by spreading the word about our event. Scroll, below, for details on our conference affiliate program. CCCs: Look for a special email from me with details about your conference affiliate program.

  • If you would like to exhibit, you do not have to register. We also have discounted exhibit rates for speakers; a half-table, for instance, is $280. Become an exhibitor.

  • If you are also a sponsor, please see a separate email from me for your registration details.

  • If you are a Caregiving Visionary Award or Family Caregiver of the Year winner, please see a separate email from me for your registration details.

  • When you're not presenting or part of a panel, please enjoy all the other sessions and activities.

  • Book your room at our conference hotel, Chicago Marriott O'Hare, to get our discounted room rate of $121. Please note: We sold out on our block of discounted rooms in September last year. Please book your rooms as soon as possible.

As a NCC19 faculty member or presenter you receive:

  • Your own Speaker Page on Caregiving.com to showcase you and your NCC19 presentation;

  • An opportunity to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals;

  • Listings in our conference app;

  • The potential to earn money through our affiliate program;

  • A discounted rate on exhibiting (complete the speakers exhibit form);

  • Opportunity to be a part of our Author Book Fair at the conference (more details to come);

  • Reduced registration to our four-day conference;

  • A chance to share your story, your insights and your strategies to an audience who gets it.

As a NCC19 faculty member or presenter you commit to:

  • Honoring our deadlines. We have a small group doing big work which means we require our faculty and speakers to meet our deadlines. If you can’t, we reserve the right to remove your conference presentation from our agenda.

  • Promoting our conference and conference-related events to the best of your ability.

  • Registering for our conference on or before July 1.

  • Paying for your travel and hotel expenses.

  • Keeping in mind our goal: To support and help those who care and cared for a family member or friend.

Table of Contents

Affiliate Program
Author Book Signing
Conference App
Conference Recordings
Connect with Other Presenters
Day of Service
Events and Deadlines
Finalize Your Presentation Details and Bio
Live Streaming
Podcasts and Facebook Live chats
PowerPoint and Handouts Deadlines
Presenter Meetings
Social Media Tools
Sponsorship and Exhibitors
Virtual Summit


Affiliate Program
Earn a 20% commission when your promotion turns into a conference registration. Join our NCC19 affiliate program for speakers.

Check out our Preliminary Agenda.

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Author Signing at the Conference
Our Author Book Sale and Signing will happen during lunch on Friday, November 8, and Saturday, November 9. If you want to participate, you'll be assigned a half-table to display and sell your book. You are responsible for bringing your books and taking payments. We suggest you bring 20 books to sell. We recommend you bring, rather than ship, your books to the hotel as the hotel charges to receive packages. If you do want to ship material to the hotel, I will bill you for the hotel charges after the event. You can ship material to the following address:

Your Name and Company Name
c/o Sarah Miller, National Caregiving Conference, 11/7/19
Chicago Marriott O’Hare
8535 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631

Please note that material cannot arrive any earlier than 72 hours before the start of our conference. To join the Author Book Signing, please complete our form.

Blog on Caregiving.com and 30Seconds.com
Blog about your caregiving experiences and share tips to help family caregivers on both Caregiving.com and 30Seconds.com. (A huge thank you to Debbie Howard for creating the opportunity with 30Seconds.com.)

To blog on Caregiving.com, register for a free account. You'll then receive a welcome message from me with details on how to blog. You also will find details on how to blog in our Forum. You'll also want to add details to your author box, which appears at the bottom of each blog post. You also can add a tag about presenting at the conference after each blog post, if you'd like. Your tag line can read:

I'll be presenting at the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference November 7- 10 in Chicago.

I'll share your blog posts across our social media (Twitter and Facebook).

You'll find information on blogging on 30Seconds.com from 30Seconds below:

We'd love to add you to our community of writers at 30Seconds.com! Our contributors submit 30second tips within their areas of expertise or interest. The beauty of the team is that we all support and promote each other. It's a beautiful and powerful thing! We accept contributors to 30Seconds based on quality of content. All writers for the site are "featured contributors" with special benefits. Each has her own dedicated page on the site, where his/her bio, photo and link to his/her site (if applicable) are. Because there's a lot of buzz and attention focused on the site, this could lead to more traffic, followers, recognition and other opportunities for contributors. Also, each contributor is eligible for bonuses/gift certificates based on performance/contests. In addition, there is a payment of $1.00 per tip, which we hope will grow as the site grows.

Another very cool feature: our rewards program. With nearly every action you take on the site (posting tips, sharing, etc), you are accruing "time collected" (rewards points) that go into your 30Seconds time bank. You can then redeem that time for products in our store! https://30seconds.com/rewards/

We are looking for lifestyle-focused tips that are no more than 1,200 characters (not words!) in length, and include a tweet that can stand on its own (a mini-version of the tip). You can focus in on a few of the categories you are interested in specializing in (emphasizing your expertise!), or you can spread them out throughout the categories. This may be a great reinforcement and promotion of your passion/personal brand. You can include photos, and also do video tips to go with your written tips (popular and encouraged, but not mandatory). If you do not have photos, we will select professional photos to accompany your articles.

We're flexible on deadlines, and can explain more about the daily publishing schedule. No one has to publish a tip a day, but the site does, so the content mix looks good. We are flexible with how many you want to send at a time - for example, some contribs send a couple a week, while others have 10 already in the queue, and we decide when to publish them (turnaround time is generally a few days, but has been as quick as 24 hours!). It's a great way to share your messages/content with a wider audience. Often, our contributors who have a blog can leverage that content to create their tips, so it's not a lot of extra effort on their part, but rather, another channel to promote and amplify their work.

If all sounds good, the next step is simply to set up an account on 30Seconds. Click here to create your profile: https://30seconds.com/accounts/signup/

Once you've set up your profile with your photo, bio, website and social links, etc., you are ready to start submitting tips. Just click on Submit a Tip (right hand side, below your avatar): https://30seconds.com/mom/submit-tip/new

Just add your content into the text fields and click submit (be sure to include your Twitter handle with the tweet, if you are on Twitter!). It will go into the queue to await review and publication. You will get a confirmation that your tip has been received. If you don't get the notification, that means the tip did not make it to us. Please check your Drafts folder and make sure to actually submit it.

Please friend me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/elisa.all.1) so I can add you to our private contributor group there so you can get the inside scoop, be part of contests, etc. We also can send you contributor guidelines and an invoice template. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to working with you! We're going to have a blast making life better, 30 seconds at a time!

Conference App
Our #NCC19 app will be ready in the fall. Whether you join us in Chicago or virtually, you'll want to download our app to check out our full agenda, meet our presenters and access session handouts.

You can download last year's conference app to get a preview of this year's app. To download, go to the Apple store or to the apps section of Google Play. Enter caregiving (just caregiving) for your search term. Scroll down to CareGiving Events by Core-apps and then download. (Look for an orange graphic with hands.) Click on Upcoming Events and the 2018 National Conference. (You can view last year’s app, if you’d like, too.)

Our app is available for iPhone and Android, a hybrid web-based version for BlackBerry, and a web-based version for any smartphone that has web-enabled browser capability. With its many useful year-round features, app users can:

  • Review sessions and add them to your calendar

  • Search for exhibitors

  • Download exhibitor handouts

  • Stay in-the-know with show alerts and much more

  • Download our app as soon as you can so you can begin planning your time with us.

You also can connect to our app via our QR code, below. Just scan the code through the camera on your iPhone or iPad.

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Conference Recordings
We have an outstanding agenda that will make it difficult for participants to choose which sessions to attend. We've partnered with www.PlayBackNOW.com to professionally record as many of our sessions as possible. As a presenter, you will receive a complimentary recording of your presentation. Both virtual and in-person attendees will be able to purchase conference recordings. If your session will be part of our NCC19 virtual broadcast, you will receive a copy of your video recording. Otherwise, your session recording will be audio synced with your PowerPoint so it's like a webinar. You can view the recordings of past conferences on our PlayBackNOW page.

Connect with Panelists, Presenters and Attendees
Keep in touch with others attending our conference in our Forum.

Upcoming Contests
Check Caregiving.com regularly for details about our contests and special events.

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Day of Service ~ Sunday, November 10: 9 am – Noon (donations requested)
We're collaborating with Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for a Day of Service. We'll caravan to the church on Sunday morning to bring goodie bags for homebound family caregivers and to distribute information about resources and support to those attending service. If your travel plans have you in town on Sunday and you would like to attend, please email Denise.

You also can donate a product or service to the goodie bags.

Send 50 donations for the goodie bags and/or 150 flyer/brochures to:

Trinity United Church of Christ
c/o Deacon Jiles Taylor-George, 11/10 Day of Service
400 West 95th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60628


Events and Deadlines

  • "Our Amazing Difference" Memory Book will feature your submissions and will be a keepsake for our conference attendees. Before July 1, you'll want to submit a 1,000 word essay about your best caregiving moment or finding your best during caregiving or gaining a perspective about your best during the worst. (Your submission can be a blog post you've already published.) We'll create a book of submissions from our presenters. Submit your essay here.

  • Please send me your answer to this question by July 15: What's one shift in perspective about finding our amazing difference during the worst will attendees experience by attending your presentation? I'll use your answer in promotions about your presentation. Email your answer to denise @ caregiving.com.

  • Your PowerPoint presentation and handouts will be due September 30. (Details to follow.)

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Finalize Your Presentation and Bio Details
You can edit the details of your presentation and bio you submitted via our NCC19 spreadsheet. Please search for your name or presentation title and then edit your details. Please be careful and ask for help from your network if you are uncomfortable editing a spreadsheet. Last day to edit your details is June 30. Edit your details via our NCC19 spreadsheet.

Live Streaming on Friday and Saturday
We will leave stream sessions on Friday and on Saturday. We'll let you know which tracks as soon as we know.

We're encouraging everyone (presenters, attendees, exhibitors) to do "pop-up podcasts" throughout conference. We'll share more details this summer. In the meantime, download and practice using the app from Spreaker, which is what we'll use at the conference.

Podcasts and Facebook Live chats
We'll share more details about joining podcasts and Facebook Live chats soon.

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PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts Deadline: September 30
Our CEU provider requires a PowerPoint and/or handouts for each conference session. We also will make your PowerPoint and handout available on our app so that attendees can easily access your information and we don't have to worry about how many copies to print. Last year, a significant number of our attendees accessed our handouts so they want and use the material.

Our CEU provider requests that your PowerPoint can display your logos on your title slide and last slide only. You can include a copyright notice and company name or company website address on each slide.

I'd love to use you handout to complement our conference recording sessions. When creating a handout, consider how a support group leader could use your material to spark a conversation with support group members. For instance, you handout could include a "Reflections" section which includes additional questions attendees and others listening to your session can mull over as well as discuss with others.

Your handouts can include a special offer for your attendees (discounts on your book, free consulting sessions, etc). You can reference the offer in your handouts at the end of your session. However, please do not sell during your presentation. Upload your PowerPoint presentations and your handouts.

Presenter Virtual Meetings
Please join us on the following days and times to review conference details and to have your questions answered. The first half of our virtual meeting will be for presenters; the second half, for authors participating in our author book fair. I'll record our meetings in case you can't join us. To join us for any of the three calls, visit https://zoom.us/j/7394579287

Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET
We'll review your PowerPoints and hand-outs and I'll show you how to add yours to our Dropbox folder. Authors will receive an overview of how our book signing will work.

Watch our 9/11 meeting (password is ncc19).

Note from Denise about a conversation during our 9/11 meeting: I’ve checked with PlaybackNOW, who records our sessions, about playing videos and music during your presentation. They confirmed this is fine. You do need to play the music and videos through the laptops in the room.  You can include your videos in your presentation or upload them onto the laptop in the session room. If you upload them, bring the videos on a jump drive and then upload them on the laptop early in the morning before the day’s first session starts. Once the day starts, we move quickly from session to session so you want to have everything ready to go when it’s time for your presentation. Please check with your own resources for answers for any technical questions related to your presentation. The PlaybackNOW team will review all our presentations before the conference and let us know if they anticipate any problems. I’ll be in touch if they have any questions about your presentation.

Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. ET
We'll review our schedule and what you'll need to know about leading a great session.

Watch our meeting. Password is ncc19.

Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. ET
We'll go over final details.

Watch our meeting.

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Social Media Tools
Spread the word you’re presenting at the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference!

You can share your individual presenter promotional graphic.

You can share links to our individual presenter pages.

Please let everyone know that registration has opened. If you join our affiliate program, please share your affiliate link. Our Social Media Promotion document gives you draft copy to use when you're promoting the conference. You can use this image to promote if you'd like:



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Sponsorship and Exhibitors
We'd love your help securing sponsors and exhibitors, which make our conference possible. Email Denise if you know of any contacts at companies which would be terrific sponsors or exhibitors. Our Sponsor Page spells out the sponsorship levels and exhibitor costs.

You receive a discount if you'd like your own exhibitor table. Sign up for your table here: https://caregiving.wufoo.com/forms/z283cm81ck0c8o/

Exhibit costs for presenters are:

  • National Vendor Full Table: $520

  • Non-Profit Full Table: $440

  • Half-Table: $280

  • Bag Stuffer: $300

Virtual Summit
Our Virtual Caregiving Summit will take begin the week of May 13. Please join me for a video chat about our conference and your session. During the week of May 13, we'll release a video a day featuring the interviews with the conference presenters. Schedule a time to join me to record our video chat through my calendar. Our chat will last about 30 minutes and will be a casual conversation about your caregiving story, your presentation and your excitement about our upcoming conference. (Watch last year's Virtual Summit to get an idea of how the event works.)

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