10 Gifts to Give Yourself


10 Gifts to Give Yourself

gift_box_redAs we enter the gift-giving season, why not add yourself to the gift-giving list? I've got 10 suggestions of gifts you can give yourself right now.

1. Trust. Trust yourself, trust your life. And, most important, trust you don't have to know all the answers to your life's questions.

2. Let go. Release yourself from living in your past, living in resentments. Let go. Your future will feel better when it's not shackled in your past.

3. Accept. What your resist, persists, the saying goes. Resisting what is keeps you in a place of wanting--wanting more, wanting different. The constant wanting will keep you hungry, no matter how many times you visit the buffet. Accepting what is (as hard as that may be) moves you into a place of solutions and options. I'm always amazed at what I can accomplish when I accept.

4. Dream. Dream big. A great life starts with a big dream.

5. Laugh. Enjoy a sense of humor every chance you get.

6. Connect. Stay connected with who and what you love.

7. Be curious. Be open to constantly learning, about yourself, your day, your caree, your family. Curiosity waters your personal growth. And, when you keep growing, you get closer and closer to your big dream.

8. Be grateful. Gratitude will warm your heart, comfort your soul and put a zing in your step when you thought you'd spent all your zings.

9. Be. When you can, simply be. Be in the moment, take it in so you can bring it out as a wonderful memory.

10. A Happy Ending. Each day can end on a positive note because you can choose how to view each day. It doesn't have to be the happy ending of a cheesy movie. It just has to star you doing your very best every day.

(Watch the webinar that inspired this list, 10 Gifts to Give Yourself.)

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