10 Reasons You Deserve a Snow Day


10 Reasons You Deserve a Snow Day

kermit-70115_640It's snowing in Chicago with a blizzard on its way. Chances are, many may see a snow day--a day off--in their futures.

Who's more deserving of a snow day than you? I've compiled 10 reasons family caregivers deserve a snow day:

1. You do the heavy lifting every day. The doctors, nurses and home health aids help (hopefully). But, it's you, every day.

2. You study your caree's disease process and treatment options. As a respondent said in one of our Family Caregiver Surveys, you've earned a PhD in your caree.

3. You never call off, which means you keep caring through the flu, the fatigue, the frustration.

4. You keep the faith, no matter how many times your faith gets tested. Sure, sometimes, you misplace the faith but you always find a way to recover it.

5. You run your caregiving operation like a CEO. You manage, delegate, hire, fire, decide and oversee. And, you do that 24/7, every day, including holidays.

6. You step in when others step out. A family member drops the ball, a home health aid is a no-show. You pick up the pieces and, no matter how much shatters, put it all back together.

7. You resolve the problems that seem insurmountable. Because you think outside the box, you find what works when others throw in the white flag.

8. You help friends, neighbors, family members. Your big heart means no one within your sphere goes without.

9. You deliver regardless of the weather because you know the importance of what you deliver.

10. No matter how much hits the fan, you keep shoveling through. No BS piles up on your watch.

What would you add to our list?

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Lillie Fuller

I would add that I get a \"snowday\" because I would have to travel to get to snow and that means getting out of the house!