10 Reasons Family Caregivers Make Awesome Employees


10 Reasons Family Caregivers Make Awesome Employees

top-95717_640We often hear that an employee's productivity takes a hit during a caregiving experience. I think the opposite can happen--that caring for a family member or friend makes an employee more focused and more determined to do well at work.

To prove my point, I came up with 10 reasons family caregivers make awesome employees.

1. Rather than gathering at the water cooler, a working family caregiver refills the water cooler. A working family caregiver gets done what others simply overlook.

2. Instead of spreading gossip, a working family caregiver shares encouragement to fellow co-workers. Because of personal experiences, a family caregiver understands what the sting of discouragement feels like so chooses instead to believe in others.

3. When a crisis hits, a working family caregiver springs into action. A working family caregiver keeps the focus on the solution, avoiding blaming and judging.

4. When a process becomes more complicated than it needs to be, a working family caregiver works to streamline the process into a smooth system. A working family caregiver can't waste time so knows how to make the most of time.

5. When a project requires longer hours to complete, a family caregiver rolls up the sleeves and gets to work. A working family caregiver has the fortitude to last until the finish line.

6. While co-workers may snap and snipe at each, a working family caregiver avoids the fray. A working family caregivers knows silliness underlies most discord and chooses to work as well as possible with other co-workers.

7. During a company's difficult time, a working family caregiver adjusts to the budget constraints and changes. A working family caregiver understands all too well the challenges of a tight budget so respects what needs to happen to meet a budget.

8. While others may gripe about their employer, a working family caregivers appreciates the benefits of employment and works to keep that employment. For a working family caregiver, a job means a break, an invigorating challenge, a chance to shine.

9. When a company needs an out-of-the-box thinking, a working family caregiver steps up to create innovation. During a caregiving experience, a family caregiver constantly refines old ways into cutting-edge methods to complete tasks and responsibilities. Pioneering new procedures is almost second nature for a working family caregiver.

10. When it hits the fan, a working family caregiver remains calms. After what a working family caregiver has been through during a caregiving experience, nothing can push the working family caregiver off course. A working family caregiver remains steadfast, getting the job done, no matter how many others in the background panic.

What would you add to my list? Please share your reasons why working family caregivers make awesome employees.

And, please share about our Hire a Family Caregiver campaign, which launched yesterday with our post, "Hire Someone Skilled in Caregiving: They Care About More Than Making a Living." Through our campaign, we want to encourage companies to hire family caregivers and to retain them as employees. Thank you so much for spreading the word!


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I am a caregiver and work as well. Basically two jobs. When I am at work I think of nothing else but my job. I manage a furniture store. I thoroughly enjoy helping people with colors and styles. I need it as much as it needs me. I work very hard but it's a break from having to deal cleaning urine and food an the floor and cleaning and talking to doctors and therapists. It's a little different than being a caregiver where I have totally lost my identity. I am thankful for my job. Without it I would have no other life.


I had never thought this way! Yes I agree with all of these items