10 Reasons to Feel Proud Today


10 Reasons to Feel Proud Today

lighthouse-600583_640You may look around and think, Well, this is a disaster.

Today, I'd love for you to step away from what feels like a disaster and step into a moment of pride. You have so many reasons to feel proud, including these:

1. You stayed. Many left because the stress is too much, the sadness is too great. But not you. You stayed.

2. You get up every day to do your best. You face challenges and obstacles that would give Superman pause. And, yet, every day, you get up and do your best.

3. You manage disappointments with as much grace as you can muster. You don't have the freedom or the time you once did which means you can't enjoy all the activities, relationships, opportunities you would like. You feel the pain and then you go on, leaving behind self-pity.

4. You do what you didn't think you could. Daily, you do what not long ago looked impossible and felt like too much. Somehow, you figured it out.

5. Caregiving is an experience about your worst fears. It's like riding in the first car of the world's highest roller coaster positioned above a pit of rats and snakes. And, yet, you get on that ride--you face those fears, with all the ups and downs, over and over.

6. Others will tell you want you should do. You know what you can do. You ignore the "shoulders" and focus instead on what you know to be true and best.

7. You provide care as well as any nurse, doctor or home health aide. You learned under the toughest of circumstances--at night, on the fly, through your tears.

8. And, speaking of tears, you let them flow. You've learned the power of tears, your body's healing force. While others may label tears as a sign of weakness you know the regular release keeps you strong.

9. While doctors and other health care professionals may skirt around the truth, you welcome it. You know the truth about a diagnosis and a prognosis help you make the right decisions right now, allow you to keep the most important priorities at the top of the list, keep you focused on the moments.

10. You matter. You matter to your family, in our health care system, in our world. You matter a great deal to us.

What would you add? Share in our comments section, below.

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> your post really resonated with me. I don't often find myself thinking that I'm proud of myself for my role as a caregiver, but I had a No. 7 moment yesterday. Yesterday I had to take my husband to the ER again (yes, a mere two days after hospital discharge). I know some of these \"pain and vomiting\" episodes are stress-related. It's like PTSD. He vomits once and immediately flashes back to the time the onset of vomiting culminated in his near death. Once my husband lets these episodes snow ball, they get out of hand quickly. We went to the ER and they put us in a room. The nurse came in and then the doctor and we went through the drill. I calmly and clearly reviewed his history and meds and answered their questions. And had a few of my own: \"Are you pushing 4 mg of Zofran? He'll need another 4 to get the vomiting under control. Don't bother with Compazine, but Ativan will help. Dilaudid works best for the pain.\" They got him calmed down and the nausea under control. Later the doctor came in to check on my husband and said \"You're a lucky man.\" My husband said \"I don't feel so lucky right now.\" The doctor said \"You have an advantage some people don't have.\" My husband asked \"What is that?\" The doctor smiled and pointed to me and said \"Your wife. She's all over this. She knows exactly what's she's doing and she's got you covered.\" Boy did that make me feel good to feel a bit of pride in the midst of another disaster.


Well, this is very well timed. I had literally just looked around my house and thought, \"Well, this is a disaster.\" Thank you Denise! I especially needed this right now!


Thank you for this, I needed to hear every one of these. Today I have been feeling like a failure because I haven't had the strength to clean the house in 2 weeks...I mean I keep everything picked up at all times, but I haven't dusted or swept in 2 weeks. It has taken all of my strength to keep up with the ever changing issues with Mom. I needed to read this so much today, thank you!

Lillie Fuller

I have to agree with Pegi! I wrote my blog post before I read her response to this, but it's true, every episode, every hospital stay, even every doctor appt, you find yourself stronger, you just keep doing it. Thank you for this Denise. Another great post. More positive affirmations!


I'm like Pegi! These are all great!! I don't know what to add myself. Well done girl, I'm sharing this one with my group!