10 Reasons Why You'll Be Okay


10 Reasons Why You'll Be Okay

ornamental-cherry-415983_640Because it doesn't feel okay, you wonder how you'll ever be okay.

You will. Here's why:

1. As you experience such tremendous losses, you also gain an incredibly valuable skill: Resilience. Your resilience will keep you going, even against all odds.

2. Your sense of humor lightens the load and carries you into the next moment.

3. Your understanding of how the circle of life works--it delivers as it takes--means you look for the beginnings with each ending. This perspective reminds you to take your next step.

4. You see the big picture which means you don't get stuck in the inertia--self-pity, resentment, bitterness. Sure, you have moments when you really feel sorry for yourself. But, then you remember that others have pain, too. It's not just you. It didn't just happen to you. So, you continue.

5. You put in the work to find an ability to forgive. Because you get to forgiveness, you'll lose the baggage which only weighs you down.

6. Because each day can bring a different set of obstacles, you've honed your problem-solving skills. You realize no challenge is too big for your tenacity.

7. You don't accept the unacceptable. You push for better. And, understanding that better exists is the mindset of a winner.

8. You've built a reservoir of wisdom. Within you lies the answer. Whatever the question, you have the answer.

9. You adjust to your life's changes which means that you live in reality rather than setting up tent in the nation of Denial. Even though your real world can be a painful one, you understand that acceptance leads to peace, which brings you calm.

10. You have the kindness, compassion and empathy that our world needs. And, because we need you, you will be okay.

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How did you know I needed just exactly this? Thank you so much....


How do I rephrase this for a resume!? Lol thank you Denise.

Lillie Fuller

Love this! Printing it out!