10 Reasons Why You Are Priceless


10 Reasons Why You Are Priceless

money-163502_640According to AARP Public Policy Institute, the economic value on your caregiving work is at least $470 billion.

In other words, you are priceless.

Here's why:

1. You manage multiples tasks, roles and responsibilities. You can do it all--dispense meds, oversee care, advocate for the best care possible, create a menu based on dietary restrictions, manage the budget, keep an incredibly busy schedule. You may be one person but you do the work of 20.

2. You face tough every day--tough decisions, tough emotions, tough red tape, tough tasks.  No matter how tough, you keep going. You've got the patent for tenacity.

3. You withstand an onslaught of difficult news about your caree's declines and disease process. Sure, the bad news may knock you to your knees. But, you get up, you stand up, you take steps forward. Your resilience is legendary.

4. You don't quit. Others will step in to be your temporary replacements, but you stay on the job even on those days when you understandably wish you could turn in your letter of resignation. Your stick-with-it-ness is inspiring.

5. You make do. Can't quite find what you want? You fashion a solution. Can't afford what you need? You jerry-rig what will do but at a fraction of the price. How much your creativity saves could fund a bank.

6. You figure it out. You use Google, watch YouTube, practice through trial and error. Whatever it takes to learn what you need to know, you do it. You rival any company's fully-staffed training department.

7. You're a diplomat, preventing WWIII in your family every other day (or so it feels). You are the United Nations.

8. You're an ethicist, sorting through end-of-life care and treatment decisions like a room-full of PhDs. Your skillful navigation of heartbreaking and heartwrenching options and choices earns you the gold medal for courage.

9. You're a mind reader, anticipating what your caree needs without having to be told. Your intuition could fill seats at an Vegas venue every night.

10. You navigate that special space between heaven and earth as you provide care. And, with your hands, you do God's work.

Because you are priceless, take special care of yourself today and every day.

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Thanks, Denise. I am going to print and share this with my caregiving class. We need to remember our value.


I need to read these encouraging ones.........when I feel abandoned and hopeless.....


I know, Well written. I could never \"say\" (write) any of this as well; as encouraging. Caregivers ROCK! Thanks, Denise for all you do! YOU are AMaZinG! You ROCK!


This was a fantastic read! So encouraging!

Lillie Fuller

Thank you! I needed to read this today!