10 Reasons You Can Keep Hope


10 Reasons You Can Keep Hope

flowers-1005677_640Caregiving can seem to steal your hope. Your hopes for your future, for your family, for yourself and for your caree have completely changed.

Do you have to give up on hope?

I've got 10 reasons why you can keep hope.

  1. Hope lives in your heart. And, you've got the biggest heart out there.

  2. Hope lives in your legacy. Every day, you leave a legacy behind you of caring and advocacy that will live forever.

  3. Hope lives in your moment. You have this moment to make it one of your best.

  4. Hope lives in your sense of humor. When there's not much to laugh about, you find the humor because a good laugh is really the best medicine.

  5. Hope lives in your spirit. Your spirit embraces the good in the world even as you go through something so bad.

  6. Hope lives in your toes. Your toes point you forward, the right direction to go. When you wish you could stop and turn around, your toes give you the courage to continue.

  7. Hope lives in your wisdom. You've learned so much and have so much to share because of it.

  8. Hope lives in your gifts. You have beautiful gifts -- talents -- that the world needs. When you give your gifts to us, you keep hope.

  9. Hope lives in your voice. You can say what you want and need. Your ability to express yourself means you can find what you need and want.

  10. Hope lives in your faith. However you believe, your faith gives you peace during a time that stirs up the chaos.

We worry how we'll live without hope. We can take comfort in knowing that hope keeps us. Hope lives.

What would you add to my list?

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These beautiful words mean a lot to me today. Being a caregiver is so hard.