10 Reasons Your Fears Should Fear You


10 Reasons Your Fears Should Fear You

view-768429_640In caregiving, you can feel like it's you versus your fear.

Some days, caregiving will lead you the edge of a cliff, give you a flimsy ladder and tell you to climb down.

Some times, caregiving will send you off to the middle of the sea, throw you a pair of flippers and tell you to swim.

At times, caregiving will put you in the middle of a crowded city, point to a building barely visible in the horizon and tell you to find it.

Other times, caregiving will push you into the middle of a race and ask you to run for miles without any training.

And, then there's the worst time, when you wish you could climb, swim, find or endure but instead you must simply accept.

Will you be able to climb, swim, find, endure, accept?

Yep. Have no fear. Because fear should fear you. Here's why:

1. You are a force, having come this far because of your will to be here. Because you did, you will.

2. You understand the importance of perspective, a wisdom gained during caregiving. Your best weapon against fear is your perspective. And, you have the best perspective out there.

3. Fear feeds on cowards. You don't cower--you get out there and fight.

4. You have support, right here, when fear tempts you to turn and run. We'll stand with you, give you a hand, remind you that you can.

5. You have the heart for caregiving which means your heart will love you through your fear.

6. You have the soul for caregiving which means your spirit will calm you through your fear.

7. You are okay right now which means you can turn a deaf ear when fear tempts you to believe otherwise. You are okay.

8. You treasure the moments which inspires you to be fully present. When you're inspired, there's no room for fear.

9. You are resourceful which means you will figure this out. Fear better be worried.

10. You have a purpose right now, which means you will have another purpose and then another purpose and then another. You live a life full of purpose, with the insight to know it's not about one purpose but about many purposes over time. Because you are full of purpose, you can be void of fear.

What would you add to my list?

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Thank You for this list of fears. . My sibs have beaten me down so, that I feel like a wet dish rag. This List helped me realize I am stronger than I thought.